Some myths about the pimple marks that you should stop believing them

by Pooja Late so cut

It is common for people to develop certain myths for anything and activities. In the list, even pimples are not left out; people have added pimple marks as well. Some of these myths can be clearly understood that they are myths and they should not be believed. Whereas, some seem to be true and you also may start believing them and lead to some danger. Here are certain myths that are commonly spoken among people.

Pimple happens only during the time of puberty

Pimples are not restricted to any age groups, most of the people believe that pimples are the sign of puberty and it happens only during the age of 18.  Teenagers tend to have more pimples because of certain changes that happen in their body but there are chances of having pimples in any part of age. Most affected will be the one who is prone to high stress and pregnant women.

Pimples appear only on the face

Most of the people strongly believe that the pimple will occur only in the face and not on any part of the body. This is completely a wrong belief; pimples can be anywhere in your body like the chest, back, legs and other places as well.

The sun can help in healing the pimples

It is true that you may gain certain vitamin from the Sun but, it is completely a myth that the sun can help to heal your pimple. In fact, exposing yourself too much in the sun without any blocking can lead to other issues like cancer and other severe skin problems as well.

Toothpaste helps in healing pimples

Toothpaste is meant for your tooth and not for your face. You face needs smoother things to take care of and not hard particle like toothpaste. Many have tried to use this as a technique to solve the issues of pimples but all of them had only negative results.

Pimples are the symptoms of being in the completion of life

One of the worst beliefs of some people is that the pimple is the symptom of showing the person is counting the last days of his or her life. This is completely a strong belief. When you get pimples in advanced age it means that there is a lack of certain nutrients in your body. Do not worry for them; if you continuously keep working the number of pimples will only increase.

There are remedies for no pimple till lifetimes

This is completely a myth; pimples are quite common at any part of your life. Certain products may help you to reduce the effect of pimple and there are no remedies for a lifetime. Even when you use them there are chances to have them again after a few days. 

When you have such pimple marks one best solution can be to visit the right dermatologist instead of believing these myths. Even when you need to be treated have the right treatment from the right skin specialist. The issues may go still worse when you have the wrong treatment from the wrong person.

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