Myths About Masturbation That You Must Stop Believing Now

by Jiiang Lui professional writer

According to specialists of sexual health and behavior, almost every person in the world masturbates now and then. However, the world of solo sex isn’t free from stupid beliefs.


Researchers have evidence that almost every man in this world masturbates now and then. They believe that a man masturbates at least once before he turns 30. Now, despite being a commonplace and harmless act, misconceptions keep solo sex shrouded like a cloak. Some of these myths tout health disorders, while others say things that will make you think twice before you ever touch your penis again for self-pleasure. This topic aims to dispel some of those misconceptions and allow you to “choke the gecko” and “burp the worm” without hesitating about situations that you won’t have to face.


  • Health concerns: Nobody in the world ever faced any health issue after masturbating, whether they used a male masturbation machine or their hands. In reality, men have been doing it since the 18th century, according to historians. Back then, people used to think that it came with dangerous side effects, and it’s a morally inappropriate act. Since then, doctors have been saying over and over that solo play is entirely normal. It’s nothing more than a method of gaining sexual satisfaction without a partner.


  • Genital shrinkage: Yes, a lot of people say that using a male masturbation machine or your hands to pleasure yourself will shrink your genitals. Don’t you think that it’s extremely unlikely? How can the act of stroking the penis or rubbing the clitoris lead to shrinkage in any way? The only problem that you may or may not face is itchiness. It’s the only issue that individuals experience from excessive self-pleasure.


  • Ruining sexual experience: No, self-pleasure can never ruin the feel of the real thing. Masturbation and intercourse aren’t just two different terms, but two various events. The former is a sure-fire way of getting an orgasm. However, with the latter, it’s usually the male partner who’s fortunate enough to get one. The female, in innumerable instances, has to satisfy herself separately. Naturally, this myth doesn’t even have a leg to stand on. After all, the bodies and men and women respond uniquely and differently to various types of physical stimulation.


  • It leads to infertility: Here’s another baseless myth – self-pleasure can affect your fertility! In reality, millions of boys and girls all over the world begin experimenting with their bodies without even realizing that they are masturbating. Also, it isn’t something to frown at. None of those who masturbated during their teenage ever experience infertility issues. If they did, then it was due to an inherent physical disorder.


  • Mental illness: Why do people believe that solo play will lead to mental illness is in itself a myth! They probably think so because they heard from somewhere that the act is incorrect. Understandably, they tell their children that it causes psychological disorders just to prevent them from responsibly enjoying themselves. Doctors say that indulging in sexual pleasure without a partner never causes any kind of mental or physical illness.




It’s perfectly normal for an individual to indulge in self-pleasure at least three to four times a week. Some individuals do it once every day. While there aren’t any preset rules about how many times you should stimulate your sex organ, you may need to consult a doctor or a counselor if it prevents you from doing your daily tasks.


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