Engagement Ring Cleaning Tips

by Andrews J. Jewelers

Any ornament that is consistently being worn is prone to dirt and grease. An engagement ring is the symbol of commitments, immortal love, and strong emotions.  With daily wear, the engagement ring loses its sheen and the people that are obsessed about their engagement ring do not allow this at all.

Going to the office, applying the cream, washing dishes, cleaning clothes and other routine activities causes the dirt and grunge to accumulate on your engagement ring.

Fortunately, the use of a few right products and a little know-how can get back you with your engagement ring’s original lustre and novelty. But before you carelessly abrupt the cleaning process, it’s essential to learn the particular needs of your ring’s specific metal, setting and stone.

Here given are some tips that you should follow to clean your engagement ring without causing any harm to the ring’s metal or stone.

·       Know Your Ring

Before you begin cleaning your ring, you need to be careful about the material from which it is made. This step is essential to prevent the engagement ring from any kind of damage. You should explore the internet or consult with the experts for the right treatment suitable for your ring type. In regard to this step, you must consider the following factors:-

o   The metal from which the ring is made.

o   About the stone of the ring.

o   The setting chosen to fix the stone on the metal.


·       Investigate For The Damage

Since engagement rings are meant to be forever worn, therefore it is highly probable for the stones and prongs to get loosen. Cleaning the engagement ring without considering the destruction can lead you to lose the expensive stones. Thus, before you start cleaning the engagement ring, check for the damages.

·       Prepare the Work Area

Engagement rings are a small piece of article that gets easily lost; thus, you should wisely pick a work area for the cleaning of your ring. If you’re choosing your kitchen or bathroom for cleaning purposes, stay assured that the sinks are tightly plugged and strains do not have wide openings.

Moreover, to keep the engagement rings safe from sudden jerks or drops, make use of the towel that has the colour contrasting the ring. 

·       Pick An Appropriate Cleaning Solution

The quality of the cleaning solution determines the success or failure of your entire engagement ring cleaning task. If you’re going to buy the cleaning solution online, then choose the product that has a trusted reputation and great customer reviews.  If you’re not sure about a suitable solution for your specific ring type, ask the experts. Do not pick a solution that is acidic or abrasive in nature. Just-a-single mistake in the selection of a cleaning solution can make your ring forever dull and gloomy.

·       Avoid Cleaning With Abrasive Products

There are certain chemicals/ solutions in the market that are so hard and acidic that they take away all the shine and lustre from the engagement rings. Make sure that you do not make use of these solutions in the cleaning of your ring. These chemicals not only loosen up the ring setting but also degrade the quality of stones in the engagement rings. In the event, you’re not using any cleaning solution then you can use warm water and mild detergent.

·       Soak the Ring To Loosen Dirt

The stubborn dirt content and grease can be easily removed from the ring by soaking the ring in the solution for 3-4 minutes before cleaning. This will easily remove the debris and dissolved oily residue from the ring.

·       Make Use Of Tooth Brush

Engagement rings have really small openings that are tough to clean with the use of fingers. For the cleaning of such places, a toothbrush can be utilized. Bristles of a toothbrush easily reach small openings and crevices and are also good at removing dirt and grease.

·       Rinse Well To Avoid Spots

The cleaning solution left on the engagement rings may lead the ring to acquire residue spots. Once these spots settle, it becomes really tough to remove them.  To avoid such a problem, rinse your ring thoroughly with water unless the solution completely gets removed.

·       Dry Properly To Keep Lint Away

Water spots should be removed from the engagement rings immediately, either with the help of jewelry cloth or with the help of a lint-free polishing cloth. In case you have a hairdryer at home, then you can make use of a hairdryer as well.

·       Polish Your Ring Regularly

Ring polishing should be done every other day to keep the ring sparkling like a new one. To do this, you should use a lint-free cloth.

·       Try Keeping Your Ring Clean

The best way to keep your ring clean is to prevent it from getting dirty. You should avoid wearing your ring while you are busy in doing daily chores that can let the stone dull, setting loose and the whole ring dirty. Special care should be taken while you are doing the following chores:-

o   Washing Dishes

o   Washing Clothes

o   Gardening

o   Applying Lotion or Cream

o   Kneading Dough.

o   Bathing

o   Going To The Beach

o   Boxing Class


This was the step-by-step solution to give your engagement ring a perfectly fine and lustrous appearance. By following this procedure time- to –time every month, you will be able to keep your engagement ring forever glowing and radiant.

As per the experts, it is good to clean your engagement rings with the help of dish soap and warm water, however for perfection in cleaning the ring still needs the hands of experts. They suggest taking your ring to the jeweler in about two to three times a year. It’s similar to going to the dentist—you brush and floss on the regular, but still, need to visit the dentist for regular checkups.

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