Simple Guide to Growing Your Instagram Account.

by Rajesh Gupta Content Writer

We are hard-wired and now essentially need a chalked out path to reach a certain amount height. And in the world of social media, starting with a new account is like starting from scratch and working through the hard part of creating content and going through all the typical processes.

But that typical journey has no short cut at all. So following the same path, we can get to the success in this world with comparatively less time than usual, if and only if we could use the strategy that stands outstanding of all regular paths.

So standing out, let’s talk about the strategies and content which will take your Instagram at the next level.

What makes an Instagram account Unique?

What, in general, Instagram is carried on to?

No doubt, the content!

 As they say, the content is the king. And as cliché, as it could sound, it is true! So no matter what your Instagram account should be driven by good content.

Now let that content be of any sort of form, it should be unique and original.

Even the simplest marketing strategy can work well enough if you have the great content produced on your channel.  

By means of that, the content could be related to anything of the following types:

·        Friends.

·        Food.

·        Gadget.

·        Captioned Photo.

·        Pet.

·        Activity.

·        Selfie.

·        Fashion.

And this list can go so on and so forth. So the basic point still is let the content be of any form in photos, videos, Infographics, IGTV videos, etc. the most basic and important thing is it should be non-stolen and attracting people.

And now turning to the real deal, what are the things you should do to make your Instagram grow.

1. Creative Content:

Now the concept of the creative content is different for a different type of audiences who consume different genres of content. So, for example, the creative content could be the gorgeous post of the home that is listed on Airbnb for tourists to come and stay. Or maybe a beauty blogger recording a video talking about the tips of ‘how to get ready in less than 10 min’! Depending upon the genre you are looking for, the concept of the creative concept changes.

So when the Airbnb posts a photo of the house they description reads the details of the owner of the place. And that is enough for the marketing of the Airbnb.

So instead of only posting the photo and caption, try and make the stories behind it so that people can connect.

2. Posting Schedule:

No matter how many people are following you right now but if you want reach somewhere near the ‘K’ house and you want some particular niche people to follow you then nothing major you can do at once. It all takes time to build up what you want. And having a posting schedule with consistency will help you attract the same vibes to you as your Instagram is reflecting.

For example, your Instagram account will always show up with a new photo or content every Monday, in the morning time and every Saturday at night.

3. Selecting Theme for your Account.

This can be as random as your posts or stories you put up. But there should be something like your signature.

For example, all the pictures you put up should be covered with a black frame around. Or maybe that you are editing all your posting pics with one filter. Or maybe carrying your coffee mug in every photo that you would upload because you want to show how obsessed you are with coffee. It could be anything for that matter but having something like this will make your followers feel home and they will start remembering you every time they will think of coffee or a coffee mug.

As I said it could be anything that might ring the bells for your followers but having a theme-ful account contributes to a very good level in growing the Instagram account.

 For example, here is the Instagram account of Mithila Palkar and she has made the gorgeous theme on her account. Seeing keenly will make you realize that her every uploaded photo has the broad white border to it and then the black box differentiating the posts.

Another example could be the Mostlysane making the books that she is currently reading and a cup of coffee appearing in every other photo uploads of her.


Deciding the theme for your Instagram account and deciding the posting schedule might as well help you figure out the Content Strategy, which is a big deal if seen on a broader canvas.

And the next thing that you are left with is the next big question is even if you have the content strategy ready how would you execute the plan?

Here are some options that you can go for the execution of the plan, which is already provided by the platform itself, you just need to know how and when to use what.

So you have the following options, starting with:

·        Stories: The piece of ephemeral content *(give the link to the blog) that lasts for 24 hours. You can plan what sort of content could go there and what results you are expecting out of it.

·        Live Streaming:  It is a highly engaging way where you can literally interact with people and increases the engaging time of your viewers with your brand.

·        Advertising: There are two types of it. One is native advertising in which the brands may widen their scope to reach a large number of followers. And second is influencer marketing where brands tie up with influencers to reach out to a number of people via Words Of Mouth.


Using all these strategies and making a good execution plan also will not help if you don’t have good content planned for your channel.  So even after all these make sure you have good content and give enough time to people to realize and match up to your vibes.

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