Acquire new customers for your business with Reasonable Paid Advertising!

by Rajesh Gupta Content Writer

Any business has a constant goal. Getting new clients and perhaps more business.

While we don't need to tell you WHY businesses need new clients, attracting and converting them is a lot more difficult. And believe us, this is where customer acquisition strategy will help your business.

Today, customers are equipped with many options while they buy anything they need including healthcare services, clothes, and food. It's now possible for people who want to decide what, how and why to buy something they need. But for businesses, it’s harder to acquire and maintain new customers.

Luckily digital marketers are making it easier for businesses to integrate acquisition marketing techniques.

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Although it will feel like a common term, a customer acquisition strategy will go beyond any omnichannel or tactic platform. Customer acquisition strategy involves establishing relations with prospects, addressing them directly, their needs and supplying them with all the necessary information they want to make a well-informed buying decision.

In many cases, a single ad campaign is not capable as a customer acquisition strategy. Use of a single strategy will definitely bring more traffic to your business website and grow brand awareness, but if it is not generating enough conversions, it's not working towards bringing revenue for your business.

When you just play with different customer acquisition campaigns, it’s a lot easier to calculate your CAC or customer acquisition cost.

Here, we are describing you one of the channels that could work best for your business to acquire new customers. It has this utmost importance in digital customer acquisition strategy and it’s related to advertising itself.

Meet the world of Paid Advertising. 

There are indeed a number of paid advertising channels available for you and hence, this write-up will guide you which channel will work best for you and which one you should choose for your business.

Even if you’ve never driven an ad on any paid marketing channels, you most probably have seen how these ads look like in the search engine's search results. These paid ads appear usually in the top results of the search and they mostly tagged with the word 'ad' to inform you that, yes, it is an advertisement.

PPC acts just like an SEO technique. You start running ads using specific keywords and phrases users are searching for, so you can reach a relevant target audience. As the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks on your LIVE ad.

On paid marketing channels, you don't need to pay for impressions. You never pay a cent unless a visitor clicks on your ad and visits your website. Your business can set a specific amount you want to pay every time someone clicks on your ad so here, you can control your ad spend.

So we can say, PPC is a budget-friendly option for any business. PPC ads are well-liked by businesses of any size as they provide them with complete control over your budget and your target. You can reach the right people, the right time and make them choose your products over anything else.

Businesses prefer customer acquisition strategy as they start getting more traffic as well as leads just right when they launch their ads through correct campaigns.

Yes, it is indeed possible to get leads within a few moments when you launch your ad. This makes Paid Advertising one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies.

What are some right paid platforms for advertising?

1. Google Display Network Campaign

If you want to be seen everywhere, advertising with Google Partner Network through Google PPC advertising. It can be a smart choice for you. With over two million websites and 7,00,000 apps, your ads get wide visibility and indeed a large audience.

2. Google Product Listing Ads

The perfect platform for your e-commerce business; Google product listing ads will show your products in a banner at the very top of the relevant search results.

3. Gmail ads

People spend most of their time in the inbox.

With 1 billion Gmail users worldwide, Gmail ads are the ones you cannot afford to miss. It is also the preferred communication platform for many businesses.

4. Advertise with YouTube

Here is another channel with a growing number of users with billions of hours of content to watch every day. This is a goldmine for creative content curators. All you need to publish your business' first video on YouTube and then you can start creating beautiful attractive ads hosted for other users.

5. Combine Ads campaigns

You can now combine various ad options for better results.

Our experts at SocialChamps have observed that it is necessary for a brand to actually have 10 to 12 interactions before it makes customers to buy the products. So it is important for a brand to run ads on multiple platforms so those multiple platforms can help the brand to create a stronger marketing funnel. 

This is how we do it for businesses at SocialChamps:

1. Run a CPM Display Ad Campaign to create and raise awareness

2. With a Gmail Ad, you can travel to customers' unconscious mind

3. Run a YouTube ad to create interest in the brand

4. Use the product listing ad to close the deal

What's the best part? Even your brand is reaching out on multiple brands, you will only pay only for clicks or conversions.

Above points are just a part of the strategy and it’s not the rigid format we follow for every brand. We know how the need for customer acquisition differs from brand to brand.

Are you ready to make your customer acquisition efforts worth?

Customer acquisition efforts are not definitely successful every time and we want to say you that no agency, freelancer or even a giant multinational marketing agency can give you 100% guarantee of a successful campaign. These efforts are every time a try, fail, repeat and success kind of a thing.

If you want a hand with setting up any of the ad campaigns for your business, let us know in the comments section below and we will get back to you in no time. Share your requirements on customer acquisition through Paid Advertisement and let us discuss your next big hit campaign at our office at Pune.

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