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Say Hello To Everyone

This is a discussion/forum for everyone at apsense to meet and get to know each other! Lets all share ideas and help each other succeed in our various Enterprises!Please do not just post an ad... Read More
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1 cent for lanjar

Lanjar is one of a thousand of children that got no lucky in her life. she?s life 2-3 years no more because she was sick?Heart failure? and have no money because her family was a poorman.... Read More
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Untuk member APSENSE dari rumpun melayu bisa join di sini. Mari berbagi informasi di sini dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia dan Melayu. Read More
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All facebook Sharers can join this group Read More
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Daily Social by

My website is a daily social fun site whether it be activism or funny stuff. Check it out and add your stuff here. Great way to have fun and advertise! Read More
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Beautiful Spanish

Let's talk about something about spanish , the city ,the history , the culture ,the people and etc. If you are interested in Spanish , join us right now ! Read More
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Scams, Scams, and More Scams

Scams, Scams, and more Scams The purpose of this group is to share genuine scams as we come across them. I know we can not post every scam out there, but we can certainly help each other and new... Read More
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The People Group

A hub for serious entrepreneurs from all walks of life. A place for real, no-holds barred discussion. We all need a place where we can explore and discover ourselves, participate in REAL... Read More
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Electricity Saving Producsts

Harvest the sunlight and wind to create better living conditions. We have sourced many products available on the market, and have found a few you may be interested in. Our building panels are for... Read More
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You are the masterpiece of your ownlife....,you are the Michealangelo of your ownlife.. you have the right to lead your own dreamed-life.. Read More
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