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TO PROMOTE AND DEVELOP EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION FOR MULTI CULTURAL COMMUNITIES People from around the world will be able to meet here and share their experience Read More
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APSense's Corner Cafe - Advertising Free Group For Making Friends

This group is for all members. From those that are just starting out, to those who have been online for many years. This group is open to all online related discussions or questions.And if posts... Read More
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The Law of Attraction Thoughts become things Your thoughts cause your feelings The better you feel the more in alignment you are Whatever you are feeling as a perfect reflection of... Read More
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Campaign Like Please

All Time News:World Wide News Read More
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All News Update's-Top News

All News Update's-Top News Read More
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Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety Preface The shocked incident happened on March 23, 2005, at BP Texas City Refinery’s octane-boosting isomerization (ISOM) unit. The blow-down unit was vented... Read More
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Protecting our environment

Global warming has only been taken seriously recently. It is indeed a good sign though whether or not the countries participating will be able to come out with something concrete and sincerely put... Read More
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AP Sense Fan Club Of India

AP Sense Fan Club Of IndiaWelcome to AP Sense Fan Club Of India.This Group is formed to promote AP Sense among Indians and a common platform for sharing ideas and common interests among... Read More
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Latinos del Mundo

El proposito de este grupo es compartir ideas y ayudar a los nuevos que se habren paso en el internet. Si tienen alguna pregunta, planteela al grupo, alguien debe tener la respuesta. Puedes... Read More
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Robert's Apsense Friends And Networking Group

Creating this group to meet all my Apsense friends and share good times and jokes etc. No business ads here please! Read More
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