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I have been in sales, and management for over 30 years. I finally decided to work for myself from home. My on-line business Income has also allowed me the freedom and the funds to open my own Health Store here in Lima Ohio! I am here to help those that ask for it! Just request that you be added to my contacts then send me an email.
My store front is located at :
1209 Allentown Road, Lima Ohio 45805

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  • Brillen
  • Voucher Codes India

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Karen Weir Committed
Hi Collette, You have done a great job on your ABC. It is well layed out and visually appealing. You go girl! Beautiful work.
Rocky Pacley Senior  
I really see your talent for marketing your self here and keep up the excellence Rocky P
Ken Crowe Committed  
Great looking Business Center! Collette is a good worker. She is an admin on some og my groups and she does a great. You can trust what Collette tells you. Collette is a born leader and i`m we will all see her at the top. Warm regards, Ken Crowe
bigyellowdog Advanced  
Hi Collette, Your ABC is VERY Nice. I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement you left at my site. Thanks.
Amel Amelia Innovator  
hello collete, can you tell me how to promote health product by online?

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