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Truth Revolution

Use this forum to expose lies in marketing and elsewhere. — The first time you spam this group, your membership will be deleted, NO EXCEPTIONS. Read More
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Apsense 4 Newbies

A collection of APSense related articles. news and updates. Links to APSense Support groups for several features in the left collomn. Read More
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This for those who want to share knowledge about 3D drawings in AutoCAD Read More
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Minhaj University Bscs

This group gives advertisers another way to attract customers to their business, with a team of people promoting that business in Social Media and other places.This group is provided to... Read More
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We're sick and tired of seeing so much failure in the online business. You're getting bombarded daily with "Magic Button software" that promises to fill your Paypal and ClickBank account... Read More
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Privacy, Security and Identity theft

A group for people concerned about the above issues whether personal or business. This is a place for us to share experiences, information and more. New members please take a moment to introduce... Read More
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The Help Group

Calling all experienced APSenser's and all our newer Apsenser's that need a little help. There are wonderful resources available for all of us here at Apsense but sometimes we all just need a... Read More
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I want some more...

So, whats the best way to create wealth? I cant tell you that. Only you can take time to properly think things through in order to find the best way thatll give you the best chance at... Read More
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Ompusunggu - Learn to fight, Fight to Learn.

Your one stop computing guide & resource. Our vision is to create a cozy atmosphere for computer science students & IT professionals to learn and share their knowledge.... Read More
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Psychic and Spiritual

Do you have an interest in the spiritual? Have you experienced anything paranormal you would like to share? Do you believe in seeing beyond? Do you have visions or feelings at times and you would... Read More
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