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In a world which has lost its way, the Bible shows us the Way of salvation, and offers us direction and comfort. Bible study therefore must be a part of today's Christian lifestyle. We must open... Read More
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Autism Awareness

This is group for anyone who wants to learn about autism. Special invite to people who have autism sites. So Lets talk about autism and how it affects our lives. It has a huge impact financially.... Read More
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Learn Languages Online

For everyone who is interested in learning French or English with native and experienced teachers Read More
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What's next after graduation

Everyone is happy to graduate from college. But after graduation, graduates don't know what to do in order to adjust for their new stage in life. Many just don't know how to find their job and... Read More
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Kongsi pengetahuan APSense

Group ini adalah untuk newbies APSense untuk sama-sama explore APSense ni.. Jadi kita sama-sama la berkongsi apa yang kita tahu untuk member-member APSense khususnya dalam BAHASA MALAYSIA.... Read More
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Help us feed 3 million children in 33 Days! Join Us! The 2nd annual campaign runs for 33 Days November 19th to December 21, 2007 Each $1 donated provides approximately 9 meals to... Read More
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Infinite Success On-Line and Off-Line

This has become a hobby of mine. I totally enjoy research, tried, reviewed many On-Line Businesses. I then write my findings on these businesses. Keep Tuned or Keep Checking Back For the... Read More
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Toxic generation

This group has been created to discuss body toxins and how toxicity affects the immune system and functionality of the body. Input types of body detox tried,success or fail and results of different... Read More
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Stay Inspired

Who said, ""Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." It was Thomas Alva Edison who failed... Read More
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Success University

Online learning and self developement,Teaches the principles you need to be successfull,and shows you how to make money while learning,an amazing opportunity for anyone around the world,... Read More
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