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Surviving 2012

I have been writing about extreme measures for some time now, many many people have actually listened up and bought Solar Paneling, or wood stoves, and only half a dozen or so bought rain barrels,... Read More
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The Photographer's Place

Everything photography is just what it says. Keep it clean. This is for intermediate and professional photographers, maybe some beginners.  We can have photo contests, by voting on... Read More
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Who Is Barrak Obama 2012

Find The Truth About Barrack Obama, Discuss Politics, The World Financial Collapse and 2012 Issues Read More
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Postive Thinking

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt that you were down and in need of being uplifted? We all have days like that where we need to be encouraged to think positive. At times we keep... Read More
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Confidence is an attribute in children which has to be built slowly over time, but can be knocked quickly. If in a day a child receives 50 positive comments and one negative, you can guarantee it... Read More
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Jobs for Everyone

Jobs for everyone provides the latest information of jobs and information related to interview tips, career opportunities. Jobs for everyone is already started providing information related to... Read More
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Truth Revolution

Use this forum to expose lies in marketing and elsewhere. — The first time you spam this group, your membership will be deleted, NO EXCEPTIONS. Read More
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Apsense 4 Newbies

A collection of APSense related articles. news and updates. Links to APSense Support groups for several features in the left collomn. Read More
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This for those who want to share knowledge about 3D drawings in AutoCAD Read More
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The Focus Society Of Overachievers

Ever since I read Think & Grow Rich in 1960 and finding out how Easy it Is to Enjoy a Lifestyle of being in Total Control of Time and Income by following the simple instructions found in... Read More
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