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NOTE: Some of the topics are outdated or will be once the new version launches. I will start updating after the switch to new APSense.

Why this group? There are already APSense Help groups and Tutorials and APSense Wiki.
This group is for new members. New members join from all over the world. Some with little experience or knowledge to find info.
APSense is huge. It took me 4 weeks to find the translator in the bottom bar! I am lucky to know English very well but there are members who don't.
This group can be a big help for users with an other native language than English.
Click on Discussions to read what you must do to get started.
Under tab revpages you find some programs I have joined as an example.

Under resources you find links to some blogs and other useful resources.

Please do not waste my time and Cheryl's time by sending us mails and messages asking questions about topics that are already explained in one of the discussions.

This is not an official APSense group, I am not an owner or admin
This group is moderated by me and by Cheryl, one of the Veterans of APSense.

Wincer has provided below image where you can see the structure of APSense. Wincer is the founder and has built APSense

Here are more winners of this award. My tip is to follow them and to learn from them. 

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