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I have been writing about extreme measures for some time now, many many people have actually listened up and bought Solar Paneling, or wood stoves, and only half a dozen or so bought rain barrels, mostly because a regular garbage can with a lid will do.  You can drill a whole in a garbage can and put in a plastic spigget.

I wrote the blog to help people understand the situation at hand as States go bankrupt and running water and electricity ends.  My aunt who lives in Central California,
has limited water supply, the water goes off after a certain time, if she did not have a well, she'd have no water...and the state of California is famous for it's brown outs, 3 hours on, three hours off, all day every day.  She bought a solar panel kit so she can have a light on at night.

Seriously she lives in california and most homes come with a wood stove or a fireplace because it gets damp in the winter.

But if you are on the east coast or live in the city, you do not have these things.

I've joined many companyies that have organic food.  In fact  anyone here who is part of a green group or organic food group should come on and tell us about your company.

I joined Sundance global for free food.  You earn money when you sign people up and they get free food.  You will earn money by giving free food away.

Great concept, I'm working hard to make it work, my link is

My goal is to feed every person at my local food bank.

So I though this would be a great way to start a group.

I also have blogs on starting your own vegetable garden, people should come in and give us good advice about doing this, now is the time....not after all is lost..

Survival of the forwarned, forwarned is forearmed.  Many people have good ideas about safety, protection, preserving what yu do have, and what to do in cases of exttreme emergencies...

All aboard, this is open to everyone at apsense.  I hope everyon contributes to this group;s discussions.

It could be a go to place ....

d e bartley