Why Do Plastic Pallets Rule Over Wooden Pallets?

by Vinsky Sarah Marketing Manager

Running a factory is tough, but you need to invest time to keep things organised. Also, pay attention to the carriers used for transporting the load. Yes, here we are talking about the pallets. It is undoubtedly a convenient load carrier that keeps the product secure and safe.

However, now the question is which type of pallet you should buy. Is it the wooden pallets or the plastic pallets? Which one is better? So moving forward, we will discuss why plastic pallets rule over wooden ones.

Light And Easily Transportable

Suppose you want to ship some of the products and know shipping costs might double up when using wooden pallets. So it is always convenient to resort to plastic pallets. It is because it is 35 per cent less heavy. That means the shipping cost also gets reduced to 35 per cent compared to the wooden pallets.

Less Space Consuming

Speaking of the wooden pallets, it is thicker. Each of the pallets comes with a thickness of 20 cm. So once you stack ten such pieces, one on top of the other, you will see it reaches the height of, say, 2 ft. Hence it takes lots of space. On the other hand, the plastic pallets are sleek. And you don't need to stack them. Instead, you can squeeze them into a small space only.

Environmentally Friendly

These days companies are trying to use environmentally friendly products. In that case, plastic pallet recycling is the best. Therefore, once recycled, you can use it like a fresh one. On the flip side, when you burn wooden pallets, it is of no use anymore.

Long lifespan

If you talk about the durability part, then, of course, plastic stays on the ruling side. It is because you don't need to worry about its breakage. Also, after repeated tripping too, it remains the same. Moreover, the plastic won't get splintered as well. Compared to plastic, wooden pallets are susceptible to breakage and splintering. Plastic comes in a compact design, and that makes plastic congenial for long-distance transport.

Hygienic And Clean

Those who already Recycled Wooden Pallets know that wood falls prey to termites. This is a negative side for companies that have to ship bulk products. Wooden pallets also allow bacteria and fungi to breed on their surface. But you won't see such issues with plastic pallets. On the other hand, plastics are easy to clean. You can wash it by holding it under running water.

Flexibility With Plastic Pallets Is More.

Plastic pallets are more flexible to accommodate goods of various sizes and shapes. But you won’t have this advantage with wooden pallets. It is because it can shelter only one type of product. Segregation becomes easier with plastic pallets as it comes with divisions. Also, you don’t need to take any headaches when packing.

Final say

Thus before ending the topic, let’s tell you that you can opt for plastic pallets for sale. And you can get them at a competitive price.

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