Why do Families Love Cute Ragdoll Kittens Most?

by OMG Cattery Ragdoll Cat Breeders

Summary: Bring home a Ragdoll, if you love pets and want to keep one. It is a cat but it will become a family member once you bring it home.

Cute Ragdoll kittens are the most demanding pets and there are reasons to believe so. While you could differ in opinion on why should one keep a feline, you will agree that a Ragdoll is different from other members of its breed.

First, is the appearance….

A Ragdoll is a medium-sized cat that is it is neither too big that it could be intimidating nor too small that you can’t take in your hands and pamper. It wears a fur coat that looks shiny and feels luxurious. In short, it fits into the description of an adorable pet for a small family with kids.

The second thing is behavior….

Ragdoll breeders call it a well-behaved animal. And they give many proofs to support their claim. First, this cat doesn’t open its claws while dealing with humans, especially kids. Second, it never craves attention or disturbs its master for attention. And it never tears newspapers and furnishings. It is cool, quiet, and friendly.

The third important factor is training….

Yes, it can be trained, and perhaps it is one of the few cat breeds in the world that can be trained to jump, roll, and play. If you want, you can train your pet to welcome guests and behave well when there are guests at home. For example, it would never disturb guests while the guests are served food and drinks.

The fourth advantage is friendly behavior….

Cute Ragdoll kittens never oppose or object to their masters. For example, your pet is sleeping and you want to pamper the animal. You can take the cat in your hands even while it is sleeping. Your pet will feel more comfortable in your lap than on the couch. It would respond to your pampering than opposing the disturbance caused in its sleep.

The fifth factor is affordability….

It is more affordable to keep a cat because it needs little food and cleaning. For food, you can buy cat food from breeders, and for cleaning, you need a steel comb with which you can comb its fur. And twice in a week grooming is sufficient for your cat to remain happy and healthy.

The sixth advantage is for kids….

Considering the above factors, it can be said that a Ragdoll is like a living toy for kids. They can play with the animal without any fear or apprehension. Ragdoll breeders suggest this breed for families with kids. By keeping a Ragdoll at home, you can provide your kids with a trustworthy companion.

If you are single and looking for a companion, you can bring home a Ragdoll to give you company. It will wait for you to come home after a long day at work and enhance your mood with its activities.

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