Interesting Information on Cute Ragdoll Kittens

by OMG Cattery Ragdoll Cat Breeders

Summary: A cat makes a better pet and if it is a Ragdoll cat, then it is the best pet for your home. It will become a member of your family.

Cute Ragdoll kittens become better pets due to their docile behavior. It isn’t that other breeds of cats are aggressive but that the Ragdoll breed is more human-friendly. First, you should understand the benefits of having a cat as a pet so you can make an opinion on this specific breed.

1. Cats never make noise

Dogs bark all day and they bark at everything they find strange. It could be a distant sound or a guest. So, you can never experience quiet at home, if your pet is a dog. It will start barking even at the slightest push. It will bark when you are home and it will bark when you will leave for work. But there is no such problem with cats that produce only a meow sound.

2. Cats don’t need to go on a walk

If you have a dog, it will become your responsibility to take your pet out on a walk. And if you are in no mood to go out, your dog will provoke you to take it for a walk. But a cat will never ask you for a walk. On the contrary, a cat will be happy to be at your side all day. According to Ragdoll breeders, your cat will be your friend and not a responsibility.

3. Cats require little food

When it comes to feeding a pet, you will find that dogs require more proteins than cats. In other words, keeping a dog is more expensive than a cat. If you don’t want your pet to become a burden on your savings, then you should choose a cat. You will find it more affordable to keep a cat.

4. Cats require little space

How will you feel about seeing your dog occupying your sofa? A dog requires more space due to its size and behavior. If your pet is a dog, you will find it lying wherever it feels comfortable. But there will be no such issue with cute Ragdoll kittens. A cat requires little space to rest, relax, and play. It will never occupy your sofa or bed.

5. Cats don’t make a mess with household items

Dogs love exploring things. Your pet could tear newspapers and magazines just for adventure and fun. Also, it will look for things it can use as toys. And you could have a difficult time managing your pet. But a cat won’t give you stress or tension.

Final Thoughts

If you ask Ragdoll breeders about the advantages of keeping a cat as a pet, they will give you more reasons, like it is more convenient to play with a cat than a dog. Also, cats don’t crave attention.

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