Why do People Love Cute Ragdoll Kittens?

by OMG Cattery Ragdoll Cat Breeders

Summary: A cat makes a nice pet because of its quiet nature, independence, and low maintenance.


There is little need to compare cats with other pets, but most people prefer cute Ragdoll kittens over others. If you ask a cat lover about the advantages of keeping a feline animal, he will count the following benefits.


1. Quiet Nature


Cats don’t bark or make noise. They are quiet and it is what makes them different from others. The only sound you will hear from your cat’s mouth is meow and that is only after much provocation. It would respond to your gestures with its facial features, eye movements, and paws.


2. Independent


Ragdoll breeders market their kittens as independent pets. It means you won’t have to take the pain of keeping a pet. Your cat won’t rely on you for playing or relaxing. Most of the time, the kitten would play on her own and relax whenever it is tired. The independent nature of the cat would keep you free from all the hassles associated with pets.


3. Size


Yes, size does matter. Could you take a big animal in your lap? Or would you allow a big size animal to roam freely in your home when there are guests? If you have a big pet, you will have to make special arrangements for the animal. But there is no such hassle with a kitten that can keep in your lap.


4. Low Maintenance


Cute Ragdoll kittens are called low-maintenance pets as they require little food, training, and grooming. You won’t have to take your pet outdoors as a cat doesn’t need walking. It can do enough exercise within the boundaries of your home. It won’t cost you dearly in terms of money and time.


5. Pest Free Home


A cat can run the rodents out of your home. Also, it can drive small pests out. In this way, it will keep cleaning your home day and night. The kitten would keep checking the nooks and corners of your home to keep the foreigners away from your home.


6. Mood Booster


A session of grooming your pet would boost your mood. And it could be a short session. For example, whenever you come home, you can take your kitten in your lap to relieve the unnecessary stress from your body and mind. According to Ragdoll breeders, most people buy cats to boost their moods. Many of the cat buyers are singles and they are happy to be with their kittens.


7. Health Benefits


Cat hair is an allergen, but if you live with a cat, you can develop immunity from this allergen. The boosted immunity will keep you free from similar type of allergens in the long run.

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