Why do Cat Lovers Choose Ragdolls Over other Breeds?

by OMG Cattery Ragdoll Cat Breeders

Summary: Ragdolls make better pets because these cats can adjust even in the smallest space and they require little grooming and attention from their owners.

The furry Ragdolls are more popular as pets because of their submissive nature, independent lifestyle, ability to learn new things, and little grooming needs. And there is little need to give a second thought to your decision of bringing this cat to your home.

It’s your cat

When it is time to come back home after a long day at work, it would wait eagerly to hear your footsteps and run towards you to show that it is happy to see you home. It will show its love by running around you. When you have settled, it will sit in your lap, or next to you, if you are busy with some work or taking a refreshing nap.

Your Ragdoll Canada will be happy to have guests at home. Also, it will show its happiness by hanging around when the entire family sits together for a chit chat or gossips. But it will never disturb you for attention because it doesn’t have specific needs. What it needs is little grooming and care.

Grooming your cat

Your furry friend needs brushing once or twice a week. And it is necessary to brush this cat because it wears a heavy coat of fur that you like touching and playing with. You should know that loose hair in the fur could turn into hairballs and fall on your floor. It is better to brush those loose hair out before they start shredding.

But there is little need to worry about shredding as it has never been a concern with Ragdolls. This cat breed has moderate shredding and that is only during the change of seasons. You won’t have to deal with the mess that other cat breeds produce.

It’s a smart cat

If you can train your cat, it can do funny things like laying down and shaking. For example, it can do a catwalk on your floor and make long jumps. But it all depends on how to your train your cat. If you check YouTube videos, you will find many videos of this breed doing surprising things.


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that your Ragdoll Canada would become a showpiece of your home. Be it your living area, bedroom, or patio, you will love to see your cat lazing around and hanging around. It will never distract your attention or irritate with its nagging behavior. On the contrary, you will look for your pet, when you are free.

If you want to bring home a cat and looking for cat breeds that you can take care of then consider the cat that can easily accommodate in your home and that you can take care of without spending much of your crucial time.

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