Ragdolls Kittens- The Charm of one’s Desire

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Big sizes, blue eyes, and silky fluffy furs make these feline cuties loved by anyone. Kittens are themselves loving in nature, and when it comes to ragdolls, one can’t stop from getting their hands on them. Not only in their names but also their features as well, the characteristics of a doll are prevalent. Let’s discuss why these fluffy kittens are perfect to pamper! 

Facts File

Ragdoll cats are bred with color point coat and blue eyes along with having beautiful mid-sized hair on them. They always tend to go limp whenever they picked up by anyone. Ragdolls need 3 years to reach the level of maturity, and in that stage, they look bigger than any other type of cats. It is because of this reason that most people term ragdolls as “puppy-cats.” Ragdolls are very calm-natured and friendly cats. They come in 4 distinct patterns, such as bicolor, pointed, lynx, and mitted. Today, we are going to discuss Lilac bicolor ragdoll and their features in this blog. 

Bicolor Ragdolls-Perfect Flimsy Fable

Bicolor ragdolls come in 4 distinct patterns, such as Van, True, High mitted, and Mid High White. Here we have explained how they are so affectionate in character and charming by nature. 

Van Bicolor: Although these bi-color ragdolls are less famous than any other pattern, they always welcome to confer a pedigree on them. Their face is interrupted by inverted “V” on the muzzle and doesn’t have any color on their ears or tail. 

True: A true is one of the most popular and demanding patterns of bicolor ragdoll. True bicolors have color on their masks. Their face interrupts by an inverted white “V” on the mask. They have white spots on their saddle and not on the tail, ears, mask, or other parts of the body. They are termed as true because not more coloring is used on them other than the true coloring, which is white. 

High Mitted: High mitted bicolor ragdolls are those that have mitted parents. They have colored ears, mask and tail with a saddle on the back. These high mitted ragdolls have colored on both of their front legs until their paws, and that is why they are called high mitted. 

Mid-High White: It is a bicolor breed of ragdolls having coloring on their masks, tail, ears, and a broken saddle made up in patches. They also sometimes have colored elbows, although most of them have white elbows. 

Closing your thoughts with our Lilac bicolor ragdoll kittens will be perfect for you. This is because we have a collection of male and female ragdoll kittens with us. All our kittens are well mannered, affectionate, and playful that you will not get tired by pampering them all the time. Book your kitten today!   

Choose the best one of your desire and enjoy spending your time perfectly with them. 

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