Why do People Love Ragdolls as Pets?

by OMG Cattery Ragdoll Cat Breeders

Summary: Ragdolls are most preferred as pets because they are lesser demanding and they are friendlier than others.

The latest data on kittens for sale Ontario shows that Ragdolls are the most preferred of all cat breeds. But it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone because Ragdolls are friendlier than any cat breed. It isn’t that other cats aren’t in demand. But you need to study the data in detail to know more about people’s love for Ragdolls.

Families with kids love Ragdolls

As said earlier, Ragdolls are friendlier cats that know how to play safe with kids. And it is surprising to know that these animals know that their claws could hurt human. They don’t open their claws while playing with kids. And kids can use the cats like their cats. Also, kids playing with Ragdolls more than they stuffed toys.

Ragdolls are less demanding cats

If cat breeders Ontario are to be believed, Ragdolls are less demanding in food and leisure. Like others, they also need food a couple of times a day but they don’t need much. A small amount of food is sufficient for Ragdolls. Also, they don’t have specific need like specific food. You can keep a Ragdoll at home without any worries. These friendly animals won’t demand anything special for being your family member.

Ragdolls love freedom

Unlike other cats, Ragdolls love peace and seclusion. They don’t want to get disturb and they don’t disturb others too. You won’t find your cat nearby when you have guests at home. And if your pet comes to meet guests, it will maintain a safe distance from them. Also, it will be a friendly meeting. The guests will also appreciate your pet’s behavior. If you are really serious about a pet then buy a Ragdoll cat.

Ragdolls are playful cats


According to cat breeders Ontario, no cat is as playful as Ragdolls are. They can be seen taking high jumps and rolling over the ground. They love being playful as it keeps their energy levels high. If you want you can even train your Ragdoll in specific acts. This cat breed can be trained in different acts.

Ragdolls are more disciplined than others

You will never find your pet making a mess in your absence. A Ragdoll can keep waiting for you to come home and it will run towards you on hearing your steps. But this can’t be said about other cats that could get impatient and irritated on not finding you home on time.

If you are looking for a pet for your home or even office, you should consider bringing a Ragdoll from kittens for sale Ontario. You won’t face any challenges with your pet, if it is a Ragdoll. The pet will enjoy life within the confines of your home.

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