Why Click to Call Is Important for Local Businesses?

by Rahul D. Rahul Dasondhi

With the might number of people accessing the internet using a mobile device, a few people may have talked about click to call. But what is it, and why for Cloud Telephony For Startups and local businesses is it so important?

Click to call’ in a nutshell

If you use your mobile devices to search the app, the number is then automatically dialled for you if you click on a telephone number, or press the telephone button to advertise.

You don't have to either copy, print, or write the phone number separately; just press and the rest is done on your cell phone.

Why is ‘click to call’ important?

Click to call is significant, as it makes calling customers easier, which can make sales more likely.

'Click to call' is particularly appropriate for people who, like smartphones, access the internet on their mobile devices. The number of smartphone users is increasing, which makes the company a major consideration

·         In March 2015, mobile traffic on the internet overtook desktop traffic for the first time.

·         Over half of all online shopping in 2014 was done via mobile.

The way people use the web on mobile devices is very different from how they use it on a laptop or desktop. Such people are always on the go and try information instantly so that they can contact companies right away:

·         Mobile customers searching online are most interested in business hours, directions and address (Google, May 2014)

·         Over 90% of customers said they needed to call a business after searching online (Google and Ipsos Mori, 2014)

·         Customers said a clear phone number was the third most important element on a local business website (BrightLocal, 2016)

This is significant, For local businesses who would like to receive publicity from potential users who search information actively and encourage them to visit their store.


Ø  Benefits of implementing click to call button on website


1.              No dialing or remembering numbers

To most of us, memorizing numbers can be a hard work. Nonetheless, to keep track of important contacts on phone or computer is simple, so we can put our minds to work elsewhere. The job is even easier by click to call button. Some numbers are dialed or recalled. The call will be sent to the assigned number in your PBX network with a single click from your smartphone.

2.              Track and save your calls automatically

Click-to-call lets you make the best possible recording of all incoming calls. This knowledge will subsequently be used for marketing purposes as it includes possible perspectives. Click-to-call services allow businesses to track and manage who, where and where online visitor are and to research the potentis of a certain geographical location and requirements, in comparison to a duty-free telephone number. All this information will entered in the PBX device dashboard.

3.              Convert web-based traffic into direct telephone communications

Customers would also have concerns or will like other knowledge not readily accessible to them. For such a feature, consumers may simply make a call to learn more about their company or product. This, in effect, increases the reputation of companies as they can communicate with someone who understands the business instead of listening to a robotic voice. The application will also allow the agent and the user to access the website together with the agent.

4.              Get detailed reports about who is calling and when from your website

With a click to call button, tracking conversations will be easier. Length of time on the website, login status and size of the basket are some parameters that help in better evaluation of the prospect. Call routing is done depending on how the customer has interacted with your website. click to call technology is powerful enough to drive sales.This is because most of the callers are hot leads for your business and it is comparatively easy to turn a hot lead into a customer.

5.              Customize who receives calls with automation features

Tracking conversations is easier with a click to call button. Long-term usage, login status and basket size are several metrics to help you determine your prospect more effectively. Calling can take place according to the contact between your customer and your website. Click to call technologies will boost revenue because most callers are hot paths to your company and converting a hot lead into a client is fairly easy.

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