How Important are SEO-Optimized Location Pages for Local Businesses of Peterborough?

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A local SEO strategy must include location pages because they make it easier for customers and search engines to find goods and services from nearby businesses in Peterborough. A well-written location page has helped small businesses in Peterborough reach customers who are more likely to visit their store or hire them for their services, especially as the number of localized Google searches has increased. 

It is imperative for any type of business owner of Peterborough, be it a doctor, lawyer, roofer, plumber, or restaurant owner, to have a location page on their website. You would create a service page or pages if you operate from home as opposed to having a physical business location that customers can visit. Quite frankly, location pages and service area pages are essential for brick-and-mortar businesses. We're only going to be talking about location pages today, as is stressed by the SEO experts for their B2B clientele's benefits.

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Why Is A Local Business Website's Location Page Important?

Location pages are made to give customers the most crucial details they require about a company. The majority of the time, customers are looking for a service nearby or somewhere they plan to go. The majority of customers shop in the vicinity of their homes or places of employment. Think with Google reported in 2018 that there was a 900% increase in mobile searches using the "near me" qualifier compared to prior years.

A location page aids in a customer's decision-making process by providing a precise location. The NAP (name, address, and phone number) of the company, along with its operating days and hours, is the most crucial information. Customers require this information to act quickly and decide whether a company can meet their needs at that particular time. 

To increase a business's local visibility in Google Maps and the local pack, location pages are used in tandem with the Google Business Profile. This goes much deeper than that, but we'll get as basic as we can with our explanation. A business's ability to link from its Google Business Profile (GBP) to its location page on its website helps Google verify that the company is real, that it's in the location that it claims to be, and that it provides the goods and services that are listed on the GBP.

As a result, Google can display the companies that customers are most likely to find. The location page is the starting point for all other factors that affect which businesses show up in the local pack and on maps. 

What Information Belongs on a Location Page?

The services your company offers and a specific geographic area should be the main topics of your location page.

1. Local Business Schema along with NAP and Map

As previously indicated, make sure the name, address, and phone number of the company are included. Make sure that the NAP data is formatted consistently in all business listings. It will also be necessary to include an embedded Google map and the opening hours. It's even better if you can embed the company's GBP since customers can click it to be taken straight to the Google Business Profile of the company. Additionally, make sure that the location page has Local Business Schema applied to it. It won't be simple for a business owner to add schema on their own; you'll need assistance from SEO specialists. Hence, getting in touch with a renowned digital marketing firm providing SEO services to determined business owners in Peterborough.

2. Areas of Service

The location services' neighbouring cities ought to be listed on the location page as well. Even for companies whose clients visit the site, this section is crucial to have included. You can link to the service area pages from the location page as you develop the business's service area pages, which are distinct from location or service pages.

3. Highlighted Main Goods and Services

A prevalent issue on numerous location pages is the deficiency of details regarding the goods and services offered by the company. When choosing a business, customers want to know more information than just where it is located. The customers can decide whether they should ring up or visit the company's location after looking at the list of goods and services.

4. A Contact Form and a Clear CTA

A form for the customer to fill out can be found on the location page as well. This form is great for asking a question, requesting a quote, or sending a request for a free consultation. The kind of business determines what should be chosen as the page's CTA.
5. Consumer & Search Engine Optimized

The location page should contain the internal links to the company's main goods and services. In this way, the customers are guided through the website. For local SEO, it is very important to clearly and specifically write the content for the location page, the page title as well as title tags. As it benefits the customers, Google is equally being assisted in deciphering the company's offerings as well as its location. 

What Actions Should Multi-Location Companies Take Regarding Location Pages?

It's crucial to provide Google with accurate information if your company operates several physical locations in various cities. For every location, a new location page would have to be made. Every location should ideally have a Google Business Profile, with the website link on the GBP pointing to the specific location page. Make sure you adhere to Google's best practices for each location when creating and optimizing the Google Business Profile.

Making sure the content is unique for every location page is part of adhering to the best SEO practices. Better to take SEO services from the expert professionals of Peterborough to be on the safe side. Even though Google no longer penalizes websites with duplicate content, they typically do not show all of the pages in the top search results when duplicate content is present. Google shows the page with the most authority in this instance.

You can obtain a prominent local pack and map listing by making each location page more authoritative and relevant. 

You can also rank in organic search, even though our entire discussion today has been on the location page and how it functions with a Google Business Profile to increase visibility in the local pack and on maps. The ideal situation for you would be to rank first the next time a customer searches for your goods and services if your website and Google Business Profile are properly optimized. 

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