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Earlier known as Fire Opal, this gemstone has gained a worldwide cultural connection. It is also known for its extraordinary play of color. The fire opal has a variety of colors, including red, orange, and yellow. These colors can be flakey or appear as dancing flames. get to know the fire opal price at ratanrashi.

There are several factors that will affect the price of a fire opal. The first factor is the color. A yellow or red opal will be less expensive than a white stone. An opal's price is also determined by its overall appearance. The more fire it has, the more expensive it is. A stone that displays a broad, colorful fire pattern will increase its price. The color can also affect its transparency. Opals with a dark background are not considered to be high quality.

The second factor is shape. The price of an Australian fire opal will vary according to the shape. For example, a round stone will be less expensive than a heart-shaped stone. The price of the stone will also depend on the clarity of the gemstone. Opals that have a clear top will be less expensive than those with a milky background. The price of the stone is also affected by market-driven factors.

The third factor is transparency. Specimens with a clear top are less expensive than those with a milky or milky-blue background. Opals that have a clear top are also less valuable because they have eye-visible inclusions.

Lastly, the price of a fire opal will also be affected by the fire content of the opal. Opals with a wide, colorful fire pattern are more valuable than those that are less colorful. In addition, the quality of the play-of-color will also affect the price of the gemstone. here fire opal gemstone for sale is available.

The Australian Fire Opal is usually found in remote desert areas of west Australia. It is difficult to access with mining equipment. The gemstone has a less transparent body than the Mexican Fire Opal, and it also has a lighter base coloration. In addition, Australian Fire Opals tend to be less creamy and less translucent. The fire opal has a low hardness on the Mohs scale.

Opals mined in Australia are of the highest quality and durability. They are also considered the best because of their bright base color.

Certified Gemstone is important to make sure that you are buying an authentic Australian fire opal. It is recommended that you purchase your stone from a certified dealer. You also want to make sure that the gemstone is properly inspected and authenticated. A brand with a good online presence should have a refund policy and a lab certificate.

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