Ways to Pack Your Precious Jewelry for Moving

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Packing jewelry for moving is a challenging task regardless of the factor you are moving long distance of short distance or from any part of the world. Packers and movers do not pack or move any of your precious things or documents so it is you who have to make efforts in packing all these delicate items protectively. 

There has to be some proper step by step guide to pack the pieces that are super delicate and break easily. Things often get tangled in transit or breaks when pressed too hard at the time of packing. Some jewelry pieces are very small and gets misplaced during the process. 

When it comes to jewelry you cannot put all the ornaments in a box without taking any protective measures and hope that you will find everything as good as they were after the move. 

There are some ways to pack each and every piece of your jewelry separately so that they are safe enough. 

1. Sort out your jewelry pieces

It might prove to be the best time to sort your jewelry which you must have been postponing for a long time. Lay a while cotton cloth or cotton itself on a clean and dry table and arrange all the pieces over it. Then, arrange them by categories because that is the way you are going to pack them. 

Sorting doesn’t have to do anything with space but it will definitely save you time because every category has its own way to be sorted. 

If any of the pieces have become too worn out then consider getting rid of it. People generally have sentimental values attached to their precious jewelry but there are times when it is the right moment to sell them or get them customized before they lose their value anytime in future. 

2. Get the right packing material

You are going to need proper packing material for packing your jewelry safely. Some of the supplies may seem somehow unusual of weird but protecting your precious ornaments is more important as of now. 

Packing paper – arrange for some soft packing paper and don’t use newspapaers

Bubble wrap – bubble wrap is a packing material that provides the best protection to your precious ornaments

Plastic paper – it will be required to provide layers to your jewelry box

Sealable plastic bags – if you have pieces that are really small or very tiny then sealable plastic bags would be a good option.

Cardboard – it will be require to keep your earnings safe

Drinking straws – it is a good option for keeping necklaces and pendants

Packing tape – you won’t require packing tape to be applied directly on the ornaments but to pack jewelry boxes. 

3. Ways to pack things in a jewelry box

A jewelry box provides double protection to your precious ornaments. The inner side of the box is line with soft and thick cloth; the outer side is protected with some sturdy material, either wool or metal. 

Arrange all the jewelry pieces carefully in the box. Jewelry boxes have some separate sections to keep different categories of ornaments. 

You can also use soft packing paper to protect the smallest pieces for getting lost.

Use pieces of clean paper or bubble wrap to fill up the spaces that are empty inside the box. Arrange them in a way so that none of them moves during the transit. 

Shut the jewelry box when you complete arranging different pieces in a box and then pack them with the help of packing paper and you are done. 

4. How to pack a necklace for moving

One problem that people usually face while packing necklaces is that their chains get tangled with each other and often break because of entanglement. So it is important to protect the chains while packing. 

Step 1 - Take a drinking straw and cut it to match the length of the chain of a necklace. Then, slip one end of the chain through the straw and clasp it shut at the other end. This protection method works only for necklaces and pendants that have thin and delicate chains.

Step 2- Protect any thick-chained necklaces you own by slipping those chains  through rolls of toilet paper. It goes without saying that the rolls should be empty and clean.

Step 3 - Use bubble wrap as the final outer protective layer, especially if your necklaces and pendants are pretty expensive and rather delicate.

Step 4 - Use rubber bands or tape to keep the small packages from opening during transport.

Step 5 - Place the protected necklaces and pendants into sealable plastic bags to keep moisture away from your valuable pieces.

Step 6 - Arrange the small bundles into a cardboard box with suitable size – a shoe box will work fine in most cases.

5. Easy ways to pack bracelets for moving

Step 1 – if you have bracelets that have chain then it would be appropriate to use drinking straws

Step 2 – wrap each and every bracelet with soft packing paper 

Step 3 – Cover the fragile part of the paper with bubble wrap with the help of tape or rubber band

Step 4 – the cover the bracelet with plastic wrap to keep it safe and secure

Step – keep your bracelet in the same box where you have kept your necklace

6. Creative and easy ways to pack earrings

Step 1 – cut the cardboard approximately same as the size of a business card. If you have any business card that is not useful to you then you can also use that.

Step 2 – put two holes on that card with the help of pin

Step 3 – slide your earrings in both the holes

Step 4 – then wrap each cardboard cutout with the help of plastic wrap to immobilize your earrings

Step 5 – then pack it with a layer of bubble wrap to provide extra protection

Step 6 - then put it into a Ziploc and keep it in the box where have kept your other accessories

Follow these steps for all your precious jewelry pieces because movers and packers are not allowed to pack such precious things for you. 

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