10 tips to choose a moving company

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Are you planning to move your house from one state to another? Deciding whether to hire Agarwal packers or not? The answers to these questions are based on different factors. These factors may vary such as time, money, effort, etc. If you want to move heavy furniture, make sure to hire a professional moving partner.

Once you start searching for a moving professional, you can find a lot of options. Many companies have been merged to provide packing and moving solutions whereas not all of them are genuine. Yes, you heard it right, there are several fraudsters too. These fraudsters come up with a moving plan to trap the innocent customers by either looting their stuff by keeping them under hostile or by selling it to earn some money. Whatever they do, the result is a ‘moving scam’.

To prevent you from getting stuck with a wrong moving company, here are some steps that would help:

The moving should take inventory via a pre-move survey- A genuine moving company offers the facility of the pre-move survey to inspect the goods that a person wishes to relocate from one place to another. The process is implemented by a surveyor who is the company’s executive, he visits the customer’s place to examine the goods and prepare an inventory based on the same. It is basically done to determine their weight. After weighing the stuff, the estimated price for a move is computed by the executive, based on which an idea of the total cost that will incur for the entire move is determined.

A thorough investigation- Before finalizing a moving professional, check their working pattern. You can simply judge this crucial thing on your survey day only when the surveyor arrives at your place. Moreover, a professional moving company’s executive will ask certain essential questions such as your expected moving date, the services that you would like to avail of, and the delicate items that you wish to move, etc. whereas an unprofessional moving company never stresses over these things. They just take the inventory over the phone and provide a rough estimate based on the same.

Do not pay large deposits- Reputable movers will not need a large deposit or cash before moving. They allow their customers to pay at the time of delivery whereas the scenario is totally opposite with a local unprofessional company. They will ask for a large deposit at the beginning of the move and even add some extra charges to the actual cost computed. Also, by paying in advance, you will not have any control over the delivery of your belongings the movers may keep delaying it. Therefore, to make payment it is advisable to use a credit card; it will help you from being trapped in a moving scam.

Switching of the company name- You must not book a company working with different names. Some companies operate under several names to dupe the customers. Make sure to search for a company with a local address. Check their insurance and licensing information. Also, a genuine moving company is customer-centric and they are always available to answer their customer’s queries. Further, to know them better, evaluate reviews posted by their former customers.

Take references- Discuss your moving plan with your friends and relatives. Their opinions could help you to search for trusted movers and packers. Moreover, you can directly ask the movers for the references. This will help you to know about them in more detail and that too from their old customer’s mouth.

Learn the cost computation techniques- Usually, a moving company computes prices based on certain fixed factors. These involve the volume of the total goods to be moved, services that you wish to avail of, the distance between the origin and the destination location, and taxes applicable. These are known to be fair grounds for cost calculation. Thus, make sure to search for a company that uses fair cost calculating techniques.

Avoid paying extra in the name of hidden charges because many moving companies charge low in the beginning and demands more money before delivering the goods by naming those extra charges as hidden charges. Thus, beware of such tactics while you are planning to relocate with a moving company.

Moving contracts- First of all stay away from any sort of contract while relocating. Even if you are doing it for a purpose make sure to read the while contract properly before signing anything. This is because many movers may add baseless and false rules providing benefit only to them. They never think of their customers.

Check risk coverage facility- A reputed moving company compulsorily offers the facility of transit insurance. They do every possible practice to keep their customer’s goods protected. However, to make sure that each of the consignment gets safely delivered, transit insurance is offered. It saves the goods under several unforeseen contingencies that may occur in between the journey and may harm your goods badly. If anything gets damaged, the customer can file a claim against the same. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a company that provides risk coverage along with its proper documentation that you can submit as proof while claiming compensation against the same.

Check payment modes- Obviously, a customer availing of any service has the right to pay according to his prescribed mode of payment. The same goes while relocating too. A reputable moving company has all the modes of payment available for its customers; they avoid dealing in cash too. But false mover forces the customer to pay in cash. Therefore, before finalizing a moving professional, make sure the concerned mover has your preferred mode available with them.

Cross-check credentials- Do not forget to check the company’s license and approval documents. Make sure you check every paper thoroughly because any negligence in this regard could cost you higher.

The entire search process is summarized in 10 points, read them properly, and hire the trusted Agarwal packers and movers for your next move.

Happy Moving!

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