Ways to Pack Your Laundry Room While Moving

by Ram Sewak Transportation
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Laundry room is the room that is used the most especially when your house move is about to arrive and laundry accumulates so quickly because we take all the clothing items neat and clean. The new home is about everything clean, dry and new. But you need to know that the laundry room should be last room to be packed for the purpose of relocating. 

Luckily, laundry room is the room that is quiet easy to be packed, they are small rooms there isn’t much in them to be packed. You should know that you would be able to do it very easily within no time. 

If you have to planned to take all the items that are present in the laundry along with you, though, packing items that are in the laundry won’t be something that would be easy – make sure that you take proper care of the washer and dryer, this process will take a lot of time and will require more efforts on your part. If your laundry room has a lot of belongings– unnecessary items gets collected easily in such places that are out of way – the challenge of packing will become every easier. It is important that you know exactly what to do and how to do it in order to complete the job in a safe and timely manner.

Some of the quick, efficient and effective ways to packing your laundry room:

Declutter  is the first step while packing your laundry room

While packing for the move, your first step should be to clean the space, take a decision for what items you are going to take with you and what items you are going to leave behind. 

Start with the items that are bigger

If you are planning to take the washer and the dryer along with you ?

Is there any furniture in your laundry room?

The think of the items that are small like laundry baskets, hangers, ironing boards, wall decor , lint brushes and the like. Take a decision what all is worth to be taken with you and the items that are worn out – you can take them with you. 

Examine the things properly that are stored in your laundry room – clothes that you don’t use much, extra towels and linens, accessories for clothing, sewing material, cleaning material, all the items that are big enough.  Think which of the items you want to take with you and get rid. The lesser items you have to be moved the easier your move becomes. 

bear in mind that you’re the movers don’t move that are hazardous to  be carried, by the time you are in your current house then make sure you use these things by the time the moving day arrives so that you don’t have to through them or carry them with you. Even if any of them remains with you then you can give them to someone who is less fortunate than you. 
Set the items aside that you can use as containers 

Laundry baskets, hampers, and bins can be used as free packing containers – you can pack all the  non-breakable, lightweight items, for instance clothing, linens, pillows, socks, hats, children clothes, as this would definitely help you save both money and space on your relocation. 

When you pack some of your belongings in your laundry baskets, you won’t need many packing boxes and then spend less money on packing material. 

You can make room some more items by moving some of your belongings inside other ones that you are planning to move to your new house. 

This way, you don’t have to think how to pack laundry baskets and hampers for relocating, but how to pack as many of your belongings as possible inside the laundry items. Don’t forget to cover the packed belongings the help of large sheets to keep them protected and clean contained in the container. Otherwise you can take a stretch and wrap the entire basket to keep your belongings secured in place and protect them against dust and dirt. 

The trash in the laundry room can also be used as a relocating container – you can pack some of your clothing and cleaning supplies inside them properly and then pack them with the help of packing paper. 

First pack the smaller items in the laundry room

Before you begin packing any laundry appliances or furniture, make sure that they are empty, take everything off them, and all the items that you have kept over them. 

Pack all the items together that are alike

Pack heavier the heavier ones in small boxes

Make sure you stuff plenty of cushioning in the cardboard boxes to prevent the belongings inside them from moving here and there around during the transportation

Make sure you seal the cartons properly and label them with their contents and all the instructions that are necessary for handling. 

Place all the smaller items in the small Ziploc bags so that you don’t find them uneasy to be packed

Keep your hangers one over the other, secure them with the help of a roper, and the wrap them with stretch wrap or sheets

Make sure that the kits are properly sealed and packed with everything inside them. 

Now prepare your washing machine for the move

If you’re going to take your washing machine to your new home, you need to get it ready for shipping:

Clean the washer and empty it. Run it without any detergent if it has any option like that. 

Then you are all set to drain the water from the washing machine

The you should leave the doors of the washer and the dryer completely so that they become dry and get rid of the bad odor as well

If possible then you should install the transit bottle for better protection

These are the ways you can pack your laundry room for the move. if you think that it would not be possible for you then you can hire Agarwal movers and packers for better assistance.

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