Various Kinds Of Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories And Materials

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Heat shrinkable electricity supplies are indispensable to any electrical application today. They can serve multiple purposes. They protect the cables and improve their life by safeguarding them against the elements of nature, such as heat, water, and abrasion. If you check out these accessories, then you’ll realize while industries, such as the military, marine, automotive, aerospace, and telecommunication are using them. Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Jointing Kits and other similar products are versatile in terms of the materials used in manufacturing them.

About the materials

The most common substances used in the manufacturing of heat shrink electricity accessories include,

  • Polyolefin
  • Chlorinated polyolefin
  • Fluoropolymers – PVC, PVDF, FEP, and PTFE

Polyolefin happens to be the most commonly used material in the manufacture of heat shrinkable products, such as heat shrink tubes, heat shrink boots, etc. Specialists categorize heat shrink products into the following groups depending on the material used.

1. Single wall polyolefin: This particular material is superb as it offers incredible flexibility and abrasion resistance. It even safeguards the cables against flames and heat.

2. Dual wall polyolefin: This material comes with an additional adhesive liner that offers more advantages than the single wall polyolefin variety. It can easily bond with different materials, such as rubber, metal, or plastic. Also, the dual-wall improves the wire’s mechanical strength profoundly. The cable walls are waterproof and weatherproof too. Naturally, the most demanding industries choose this material for their electricity-related applications.

3. Shrinkable PVC: This material is perfect for low-temperature applications. It comes in crystal clear colors that one can identify easily. It also fits snugly onto parts of various sizes.

4. Special materials: There are a few specialty materials worth mentioning here. These include PDVF, neoprene, PTFE, etc. These materials are suitable for the manufacturing of heat shrink products. They come with added features, such as chemical and oil resistance, flexibility, bacteria resistance, and moisture and UV-ray resistance.

To conclude

Power Cable Jointing Kits Manufacturers wish to mention the heat shrink boot because it’s one of those heat shrink products that have several electrical and mechanical applications. It acts as a bridge between the sealed cable assemblies and connectors. It fulfills the requirements of almost every electrical interconnect design. It’s a heat shrink product that’s water-resistant and provides excellent protection against both electrical and mechanical abuse. With this accessory, you can effectively seal and safeguard cables and wires. There are two varieties of heat shrink boots; bulbous and slim-line. It’s also worth mentioning here that the cable end caps play a vital role in protecting every heat shrink product. These caps help to seal and protect unused cables that the installers may leave in the vicinity. You’ll find a wide array of end caps available in the market, especially the ones made of PVC.

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