Description and uses of some Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories

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Heat Shrinkable Power cable accessories are needed to fulfil various purposes such as facilitate joints and terminations other than that special purposes like sealing the ends, bus bar sleeving, bus bar taping, breakouts for separating cores, rain sheds for improvising the creepage distance, right angle boot and straight boot for insulation of the switchgear and the transformers. All these different kinds of heat shrinkable power cable accessories serve different purposes and Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories Manufacturers in India and around the world makes all these kinds of accessories to support the electrical industry.

Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Rain Sheds

This type of rain sheds made by Power Cable Accessories India is designed to support applications of medium voltage up to 36 KV. This shed has a specific shape and the reason behind it is to meet some special configuration demands. Its minimum continuous operation temperature is -55 degree Celsius to 120 degree Celsius. These rain sheds are highly creeping resistant and have anti-tracking properties.

Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking breakouts

Just like the previous one Anti-tracking breakouts made by Power Cable Accessories India are designed to fulfil medium voltage application needs up to 36 KV. Has a specific shape to meet a variety of different configuration requirements. Minimum and Maximum temperature for continuous operation are -55 degree Celsius to 120 degree Celsius.

Heat Shrinkable anti-Tracking Right Angle Boot

Some of the features are same as the above two, designed to satisfy medium voltage applications 36 KV onwards. Has a definite shape to meet a specific amount of configuration requirements. Minimum to Maximum temperature for continuous operation is -55 to 120 degree Celsius. A single reason why Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories Manufacturers made it different is the ability it has to protect cable up to 36 KV against any flashovers or surges induced during the working life of the switchgear in and transformer boxes.

Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Straight Boot

All these accessories are the same to an extent, that is the basic ability to perform under certain norms but other than that all these have one or two specializations that make them special and different from each other. Some of this one's specifications are as follows:

  • Designed to fulfil medium voltage applications up to 36 KV.
  • Shaped in a specific way to fulfil a variety of configuration demands.
  • Minimum to Maximum temperature for continuous operation is -55 to 120 degree Celsius.
  • The last and the most special one is that it is used in protecting the cables up to 36 KV against flashovers and surges induce during working life in switchgear and transformer boxes.

Heat Shrinkable Insulating Wrap around Sleeve

This one has some cool and different features than all the previous combined, such as:

  • It is used in insulating, pressure and humidity-tight sheathings, suitable for cable joints as well.
  • Made out of Cross-linked polyolefin free of lead and cadmium.
  • Black in colour, medium wall, high tensile strength, cold flow resistant, has some amazing chemical and electrical properties.
  • Non-corrosive and UV-resistant minimum to maximum continuous operation temperature is -55 to 125 degree Celsius.

So these are all we had to say that we thought might be helpful to you.

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