Everything You Need To Know about the Vacuum Circuit Breaker or VCB

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Vacuum is present where there is no air. In absence of air, vacuum can produce the highest level of resistance. Vacuum circuit breaker or VCB works on the vacuum as a source. As vacuum posses the highest energy of insulation the vacuum circuit breakers works on the principle of vacuum. The vacuum circuit breaker is a full shock absorber.

In case of the VCB an arc is used as a source to quench. For instance:  If a breaker is opened in presence of the vacuum the interaction happens with the high energy build between the contacts. The amount of the vacuum present in the vacuum circuit breaker is about 10-7 torr. The Vacuum circuit breaker is manufactured by the VCB Manufacturers.  

Principle of working of the vacuum circuit breaker

The vacuum circuit breaker works on the principle of vacuum which acts as a resistance when there is no air.  It works on the basis of the production of the arc shape.  

If the parts of the breaker are opened in an amount of a vacuum of 10-5 torr or 10-7 torr then the breaker produces an arc when the metals are divided into ions. The arc rapidly vanishes on the presence of the ions of the metal.

The principle of the vacuum circuit breaker is that it is used as a medium to subside the strength of the vaccum after the emergence of the arc. The arc gets vanished because of the dieletic energy produced by vacuum.  

Construction of the vacuum circuit breaker

The vacuum circuit breaker is made on the specific process. Vacuum circuit breakers are made by Vacuum Circuit Breakers India 

It is made of certain contacts which are stagnant and a shield which is present in the chamber filled with vacuum.

Movable chamber is attached to the system that controls the steel part of the chamber. This helps to seal the chamber so that the vacuum present inside the chamber does not get leaked.

The chamber is covered by a glass body or a cover of ceramic in order to provide insulation.

The shield in the form of arc present protects the electric strength if the vacuum circuit breaker by preventing the vapours goes into the surface of the chamber.

VCB Panel and Switch Gear

VCB Panel and Switch Gear is a type of equipment which helps to protect and cut off the electric supply from the equipment.  When a certain task of repairs is done on a connection the switch gear is used to de energize the equipment.

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