Types of Wood Used for Wood Flooring

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Hardwood is considered the best wood for flooring because of its durability and long-lasting feature. They are rot and insect resistant and also resistant to mild and mildew. Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and restore while increasing the look of the home.

If you need hardwoods for construction and manufacturing purposes then you may contact a timber supplier in Gujarat which delivers high-quality finished and unfinished wood. 

However, hardwood flooring is more costly than engineered flooring with different board widths that expand and contract depending on the climate. But because these are easily accessible, people prefer hardwood flooring for their homes and business.

How to Choose a Hardwood Flooring?

Several measures are to be taken while choosing hardwood flooring and a few of them are plank width, color, and grain. Apart from this the hardwood strength and durability are also to be checked. For the best flooring, you can select hardwood from tropical woods such as teak, rosewood, and mahogany.

Types of Wood Used for Flooring

Every wood has its advantages and disadvantages based on its grain structure and different physical qualities. To understand and select the perfect wood flooring, we have curated a list of wood types used for flooring.

1. Oak Wood 

Oak wood is extremely durable having a hardness rating of 1290. It can withstand pressure and traffic very efficiently as the hardness verifies the wood can withstand daily wear and tear. Changes in oak woods due to climate conditions are also minimal making it perfect for humid and hot conditions.

However, oak wood is the most challenging wood to work with based on its complexity. This is because the hardness of the oak wood makes it hard to cut and nail.

2. Hickory Wood 

Hickory is the hardest wood used for flooring which is commercially available worldwide. Its appearance is like a charming rustic making it a favorite option for flooring purposes. The color of Hickory Wood ranges from creamy to medium brown.

It has a hardness rating of 1820 which makes it resistant to scratches and dents. Its durability is perfect for high wear and tear including pets.

3. Maple Wood

Maple is not as hard as oak and hickory wood but has a greater appearance than those. Its color is naturally milky that may appear yellow in a lighted area. These are perfect for homeowners who need a natural-finish-looking floor. The hardness doesn't demerit its scratch and dent-resistant feature. It's also resistant to stain which is an advantage over other types of wood flooring.

4. Bamboo Wood

A bamboo is a popular option nowadays because it is eco-friendly and less expensive than other hardwood floorings. Installing bamboo flooring is simple as it can be glued on the concrete floor and used thereby.

However, bamboo is not as durable as compared to other hardwoods and may be prone to dents and scratches.

5. American Cherry Wood

American Cherry Wood is a type of softwood used for flooring and is often costlier than hardwoods. Being a softwood, it is vulnerable to dents and scratches. But it can withstand harsh climate conditions as it rarely shrinks and expands in different temperatures.


For construction purposes, the lumber supplier in Gujarat provides the best quality of raw imported hardwoods.

Hardwood is a popular flooring material because of its durability and beautiful appearance. There are several hardwood species to choose from with different benefits. However, all these hardwoods are liable to change with climate conditions and their age.

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