What is a Lumber Core Plywood?

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Plywood is made by adjoining thin sheets of wood together to make a strong wooden sheet. It is used for constructing furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc, and is considerably much cheaper than other wood products. You can find different varieties of plywood from refined to advanced that can be used according to the needs.

The lumber core plywood gets its name because of the lumber present in the middle of thin sheets of wood in the plywood. For construction purposes, the lumber supplier in India can fulfill your requirements for high-quality lumber core plywood. 

Lumber Core Plywood is one of the advanced plywood that is used for making furniture and heavy worktops. Lumber Core Plywood is also known as Blackboard and is more durable than regular plywood. The making process of this plywood is the same as that of regular plywood besides the heat and pressure applied.

It is made in the presence of high heat and pressure that makes the softwood strips to be present between the two layers in the core of the sheet. This makes the plywood dimensionally stable.

Because of the softwood strips present in the plywood, it is easy to place nails and screws more comfortably than other grade plywood. 

Although it is lighter than other plywood it is strong enough to perform woodwork on it because of the presence of softwood in its core. 

Types of Lumber Core Plywood

The Lumber Core Plywood can be classified into different types and some of them include

1. Interior Grade - This type of plywood is made only for use in interior applications. Because of its moisture-resistant feature, it can withstand places where moisture is too much.

2. Exterior Grade - This type of Lumber Core Plywood has a special quality that can withstand outdoor wear and tear. These are also referred to as boiling waterproof plywood and boiling water-resistant plywood as it is water resistant.

3. Softwood Lumber Core Plywood - In this type of plywood the hardwood sheets are pressed with strips of softwood in between. This makes the plywood more strong and more durable. It can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

4. Hardwood Lumber Core Plywood - These types of plywood are made with strips of hardwood pressed together under high heat and pressure. The glue used in this plywood is also meant for use in outdoor applications and therefore these types of plywood are best for outdoor use.

Advantages of Lumber Core Plywood

There are many advantages of Lumber Core Plywood over other plywood.

1. Durability - Lumber Core Plywood is extremely durable than other plywood like MDF boards. Its strength and durability make it a perfect choice for constructing interior structures.

2. Price - Lumber Core Plywood is much cheaper than other grade plywood and solid woods. Its low cost is a strong factor in choosing this plywood over other plywood.

3. Workability - It is easy to work with Lumber Core Plywood both with bare hands and machine tools. Like other plywood, it can be painted and laminated with different colors. 


This plywood can be used for manufacturing purposes by using high-quality plywood from timber supplier in India. Lumber Core Plywood has many uses as it is meant for both interior and exterior use. Also, it is the perfect choice for the constructors because it doe not bend when a large sheet is to be created using Lumber Core Plywood. The waterproof feature adds an advantage in choosing this plywood over other plywood.

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