How stress and anxiety lead to abdominal pain or discomfort?

by Neha Sinha My name is Neha Sinha and I work at Izen Imaging-t
What is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and does it affects the mind? If these questions are coming to your mind then this post can help you get answers to all these questions.

IF you experience pain in your abdomen or any of your body parts then you should get your diagnosis done through any of the CT Scan Centres in Noida.

What is IBS or irritable bowel syndrome?

IBS is a type of colon disorder and has common symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas in the stomach, bloating, constipation, and cramping.

These symptoms may indicate other disorders as well like ulcerative colitis. And these side effects are something that makes the diagnosis of this disorder very hard.

So, we recommend you consult a doctor and get your diagnosis done if you experience any of these symptoms in your daily life.

How do stress and anxiety trigger IBS?

The Gut-brain axis connects the brain and the gastrointestinal symptoms in the body. It simply means that whenever you feel stress and anxiety, it affects your gastrointestinal tract and vice versa in some conditions.

You must have experienced an upset stomach when you are in stressful situations like interviews, stage performances, exams, etc. This is because, when you experience a stressful situation then your brain sends a signal to your gut that results in an upset stomach with absurd stomach movements.

According to a study, 30% of the total examined IBS patients reported depression as compared to the 18% of individuals who belonged to the general population.

In another study, a whopping 84% of IBS patients reported depression, and 44% of the patients reported anxiety.

All of these studies proved that IBS and anxiety go hand in hand and you should prevent any of these conditions in your daily life.

However, it's very hard to prove that IBS causes stress or vice versa as IBS triggers may vary from person to person.

Some Important Effective Therapies that can help cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

There are several therapies through which you can manage or treat the symptoms of IBS. Some of the important ones are as follows:


In some cases, when you experience adverse childhood abuse like violent family behavior can lead to IBS. In these conditions, having a normal lifestyle will not help.

Fortunately, Psychotherapy can help in these conditions. Psychotherapy is professional counseling where an expert will help you deal with your emotional stress and anxiety.

These therapies can be quite helpful for you as an individual experiencing stress.

Relaxation Techniques

Common relaxation techniques can be very helpful if you have stress and don't know how to deal with it. The Relaxation Technique recommends abdominal and deep breathing exercises for erasing IBS.

There is also a technique where your muscles get relaxed when any specific muscle gets contracted. 

Another powerful technique that might help is positive imagery. In this therapy, you require to imagine a peaceful situation or any peaceful moment you have experienced in your life. By remembering those situations, the stress and anxiety are eased.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At present, many experts are not aware of what makes anxiety trigger abdominal discomfort and pain. However, if you effectively manage your emotional reactions then the symptoms of stress can be eased. 

This is what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy does in easing the stress level in the brain.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you in identifying the behavior that affects the GI system.


When you feel a hard level of stress and pain in your body then you must get your diagnosis done through CT MRI X-Ray diagnosis services.

Emotional stress or depression can affect your gut health. And this stress and depression can trigger or sometimes worsen the symptoms of IBS.

However, there is no solid proof about IBS leads to stress or anxiety and vice versa. But, one thing is defined both IBS and stress go hand in hand.

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