Top signs that suggest you need a new interior paint job

by Concord Painting NYC Commercial Painting Company

Is it already time for you to have your interior walls painted? Do you know the signs that suggest it is time for you to have your interior painted? In today's article, we will go through a few critical telltale signs that indicate you need a new paint job for your home's interior. You need to pay attention to these signs if you wish your home's interior to look its best.

How often should you repaint your interior walls?

The first question that most homeowners ask is how often they should have their home's interior walls painted. Since the interior of your home is not exposed to a lot of elements, it is a little different than exterior paint. We suggest you should get the interior of your home painted every five to seven years. The overall longevity of your interior paint may be affected by several different attributes.

For example, the type of paint you use, the lister, the number of coats applied, and the time between repaints. Even though it may sound odd, even the area of your home plays an important part. For example, entryways, hallways, and corridors should be repainted every four years since high-traffic areas. These areas are prone to more wear over the years and require repainting. Nevertheless, other home areas do not have to be painted as frequently.

While most professionals recommend you paint your home's interior every five to seven years, it often comes down to the areas of your home. If you have children at home, you may have to touch up their rooms every two to three years, depending on the wear and tear it goes through. Overall, it is best to keep a lookout for signs that suggest you need to hire professional interior painting services in NYC.

When should you repaint your walls?

Now that you know how frequently you should paint your home's interior, it's time for you to look at the top three signs that tell you when you need to repaint.

Damage to the walls

One critical reason you need to have your walls repainted by professional New York City painters is the damage done to them. Even your walls are subject to regular wear and tear like everything else. No matter what area of the home it is, nail holes, scuff marks, and scratches will eventually happen. As soon as you start noticing the damage, get your home repainted right away.

Flaking paint

If you notice the color of your interior wall has started to flake, then it is time to have your interior repainted. Cracking, flaking, and peeling are all signs that suggest you need to call for a team of professionals to help you take care of these issues immediately. Remember, rooms that are regularly exposed to high amounts of humidity will require multiple protective coats to help prevent it from peeling sooner than usual.

Tired of the current color

Everyone who lives in the house wishes to enjoy their home to the fullest. If you are tired of the color in your home, then you need no other reason to change things a little by having your interior walls repainted. By updating your home's interior wall color, you can get a fresh new shade that helps you change the overall vibe of your home effortlessly.

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