Obvious Signs That Suggest You Need A New Mattress

by Merry Jose Online Electronics

We grew up listening to how important it was to sleep on time. A proper sleep cycle is essential for a healthy mind as well as body. But as much as we would like to blame our cell phones for those sleepless nights, did you know that the mattress we sleep on is also partly to be blamed? We often read about how important it is to change the mattress and there are also various blogs about the things we need to consider while buying a new mattress. But when is the right time to switch to a new mattress? That is something they fail to tell us.

Mattresses don’t come with an expiry date. And they are supposed to last a considerable amount of time after purchase. Does this mean it is impossible to know it is time for a change? Well, not entirely. If you observe closely, there are a few obvious signs that point towards the fact that your mattress might be a goner and that you desperately need a switch. In this article, we are going to talk about the signs that suggest you need a new mattress.

       It has been more than eight years

As we said earlier, a mattress does not come with an expiry date. But that in no way also suggests that you are supposed to continue using the same mattress for the rest of your life. When you sleep on your mattress regularly, it has to withstand several factors like humidity, weight, and dust accumulation. All these things can lead to the deterioration of the mattress. Make it a point to not use a mattress beyond a decade.

       Your mattress has dipped in your sleeping spot

Constant use can cause the mattress to dip in certain spots. Continuing to use the same mattress regardless can cause various back problems in the future.

       You have trouble falling asleep

There are times when falling asleep feels like a challenge. If you keep tossing and turning all night long, or are simply finding it difficult to find the right spot to sleep in, your mattress may be the culprit. If the problems continue to occur despite your attempts at a solution, it is time to switch your mattress.

       You wake up feeling exhausted

Your sleep is supposed to help you heal and relax. The idea behind a good night’s sleep is to wake up energized and tackle a new day with ease. Waking up exhausted is a clear sign that you haven't slept well all night. And it could also mean that your mattress doesn’t support you well and that you must change it. Another obvious sign of improper sleep is to wake up with an unrelenting backache.

       Allergic reactions

If you think you are experiencing any allergic reactions like rashes and constant sneezing, it is probably time to change your mattress. The mattress we use collects a lot of dirt and dust over the course of time. Exposure to these pollutants can lead to prolonged allergic reactions.

We hope this article will help you determine whether or not you need to switch to a new mattress. And if you do need a new one, make sure you do your research before purchasing one in the future.

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