Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Stone

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The Red coral gemstone which is often called Praval and Moonga stone is an important gemstone of Vedic astrology. Do you know where this Coral stone comes from? Let me tell you about the origins of these bright red-colored coral stones. In the deep sea, these stones are found by marine creatures. As per Indian astrology, The stone is symbolized as the stone of energy. The stone represents Mars planet which is recognized as the symbol of ambition, vitality, and blood circulation. Mars is also believed to be God's war in the hierarchy of the planet. The stone ensures success in sports, business, leadership roles, and good health. The planet Mars is the ruling planet of Coral stone that holds courage, determination, and physical strength. The stone is worn to strengthen weaker placed Rahu in the natal chart of the native. The stones work differently with respect to the placement of Rahu in the different houses of the horoscope. 

Indian astrology suggests this coral stone for Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashi. In accordance with western astrology, the stone is best known as the birthstone of Aries. The stone can also be worn by Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer & Leo. In order to get the benefits from the stone try to buy a stone from a trusted gemstone store. There are so many stores in the market that deal in certified gemstones. The coral-stone has mainly two varieties that are more popular in Vedic astrology: white coral stone and red coral stone. Both the stones represent the same ruling planet that is Mars. The price of the stone depends on the origin, color, shape, and overall clarity of the stone. The price range of the stone varies between 500 to 50000 rupees. There are some other factors such as the natural availability of the stone and other artificial treatments that can change the price range of the stone. The price of the coral stone varies in accordance with the 4c's of the stone that is Cut, Color, clarity, and carat weight. The price of the stone increases with respect to the 4c's of the stone. To enhance the color of the red coral stone it is treated in labs. Firstly, the stone comes in a large shape, and then it is treated in the labs that give a perfect shape to the stone. To brighten and smooth the surface of the stone the labs work for the clarity of the stone. Let's focus on the top benefits of wearing red coral stone

Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Red Coral Stone: 

  • One of the greatest benefits of red coral stone is that it gives the energy and power to fight hurdles and problems in life. As we all know coral stone is associated with Mars which is recognized as the god of warfare. The stone has the courage to fight against enemies. 

  • The stone has several benefits but one of the best benefits of this stone is that it can protect you from the ill effects of weakly placed Mars in the natal chart of the native.

  • The stone is also used for the Manglik dosh. The stone has a magical healing power that helps a person to reduce the effect of Manglik dosh in Kundli.

  • Every person on this planet is aware of Manglik and double Manglik dosh. The best effect of Manglik dosh is that it causes different problems in marriage. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to marry. After all, if you have married then this will cause different problems between the partners. 

  • Most of the time the situation becomes too bad and the couple has to sign the divorce. When you consult an astrologer for this then they will recommend you some kind of puja. A well-known astrologer who has a deep knowledge of Indian astrology will prescribe you to wear a red coral stone. The stone has the power to protect the wearer from the negative consequences of the malefic Mars. 

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