Incredible Benefits of Wearing Red Coral (Moonga)

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Red Coral, widely known as Moonga stone, is a bright orangeish-red colored semi-precious gemstone, which is found in the deep sea. It is actually not a stone, rather, it is an organic wood formed by marine creatures known as coral polyps or Corallium rubrum. It is a popular stone used in fancy jewelries. Besides fashion uses, Moonga is widely endorsed as an emblem of the energy of blood. It is an extremely beneficial astrological gemstone. Vedic astrology recommend it to be worn to ensure success in sports, business, health, and leadership roles. 

                      Moonga aka Red Coral stone carries several amazing health, financial, personal, and professinal benefits for its wearer. On the astrological ground, Moonga represent the planet Mars or Mangal. Its natives i.e., the owners of zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio are seen as the most compatible ascendants of red coral gem. In ancient times, people use to believe that wearing of a Real Red Coral prevents you from ill fortune. It was also beleived that wearing it as a necklace, helps an individual to deal with skin diseases. So if you are getting excited to know more about the super amazing advantages of this beautiful gem, then we are here to serve you. 

Read below all the super benefits of wearing this marine stone that can make your life a little more lucky.

  1. Red Coral has amazing healing powers to deal with all your problems. Once you wear this stone you will get to experience some sort of positive magic around you and in your body. It brings positivity not only in your mental behavior but alos in your physical health too. 

  2. Wearing this stone improves your leadership quality, enhances your team managing skills, and helps you to stay focused on your work. It is said that this supernatural gem is very lucky for those who are in the army, police, sports, and politics because this kind of professions needs determination and real red coral provides you to stay determined to do your work.

  3. According to Vedic astrology Mars is known as ‘Bhoomi Karaka’ which rules land and properties. So the person who is in the profession of real estate can wear the stone of Mars i.e., Moonga Ratan to avail quick and fair wealth from its property dealings.

  4. Red Coral is beneficial for those also who are unable to find the perfect match for a wedding. As Astros says, the weak Mars position in your house of horoscope creates obstacles to your marriage, which is known as Mangal Dosh and the person is said to be Manglik Doshi. So to get rid of this problem expert astrologers recommend to wear Natural Red Coral Gemstone which settles the weak position of mars in your birth chart.

  5. Red Coral also increases your confidence level, concentration power, removes depression, anxiety, stress from your mind and provides you mental peace. 

  6. Red coral is also famous for its mental and physical healing properties. It boosts your immunity and keeps your digestive system healthy. Real Moonga strengthens your muscle power, bones, and improves the blood flow in your body. 

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Not every gemstone suits everyone equally. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always buy authentic gemstones under the guidance of an expert astrologer to avail actual desired benefits of a gemstone. Above mentioned all the information is for your basic knowledge, so before buying a Moonga online or any other gemstone, consult an expert of gems or gemologist or astrologist along with your birth chart. Online you will get a variety of options to buy certified gems

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