Things to know when purchasing Electric Components

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Are you planning to work on your home’s electrical system? Before beginning the project, it is important to understand which components must be purchased. Buying wrong electrical components could result in future hazards. 

Therefore, it is better to know about various electrical parts beforehand to ensure proper protection of your electric fixtures, wiring, or receptacle. Here are some of the most commonly used components in a home’s electric system: 

Resistors: As the name indicates, it helps in resisting the flow of current. It is the most common component found in electronic circuits. The size of a resistor is not larger than a penny. They are available in different resistance values and are measured in ohms. 
Capacitors: These are also very commonly used electrical components in the electric circuit. They are used to store an electric charge temporarily. They are also available in various varieties. The most common types are ceramic disk and electrolytic capacitors. These are measured in microfarads, which is abbreviated as μF.
GI Fan Boxes: GI Fan Boxes are most commonly used to form a junction between the main panel and the field for reducing wire length. Only professionals can manufacture these fan boxes by using high-quality/grade galvanized iron and specific techniques.
Diodes: A diode allows the current flow in one particular direction. It has two terminals – cathode and anode. The current flow from a diode passes only when the positive voltage is applied to the anode and a negative voltage is being applied to the cathode. On reversing these voltages, the current flow will stop. 
Transistors: These are a three-terminal unit in which voltage needs to be applied to the base terminal to control current flow in the other two terminals – emitter and collector. The transistor is a very important part of an electronic system. 
Integrated Circuits: These are essential electronic components, which contain a complete electronic circuit, along with diodes, transistors, and other electric components. These are considered the building blocks of modern-day electronic units or devices such as mobile phones and computers. 

Which are the most common types of enclosure materials?

Steel: This material is preferably used indoors to avoid the formation of rust on its outer surface. Steel is usually used for making NM cable. It is a good conductor, so it needs to be grounded. 
Polycarbonate: This material must meet IP65 and NEMA 4x requirements. It is most commonly used in designing electronic components for outdoor applications. 
Aluminum: A die-cast aluminum component or enclosure is used in both indoor and outdoor applications. However, it must contain a waterproof gasket for outdoor use. 

If you select and use the right electric components, your electrical system will be secure and protected in the long run. It is better to consider the particular needs related to the inside and outside use of the electric elements. After that, select the right material, such as metal or plastic, depending on environmental factors. This way you can certainly make the right decision.

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