The Growing Demand for Natural Dyes

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Everyone loves to wear colourful clothes. All these colours that we see on the clothes are just the magic of the fabric dyes. The dye is nothing but just a simple colouring agent that helps in giving a specific colour to an element.

Nowadays, the world is being a more cautious place. Everybody is concerned about what they eat, what they wear, how do they carry things, etc. The same kind of cautiousness is being developed among the people regarding the type of dyes that are being used in dying of their clothes that they wear. People have started giving preference to the clothes made up the natural dye. A natural dye is the one that is made with the help of plants, invertebrates, and minerals. The majority of the natural dyes that are used are the vegetable dyes that are majorly derived from the plant sources. The main plants that are processed using the dyes include roots, berries, bark, wood, leaves, etc.

History of natural dyes: -

As per the archaeologists, the history of dying lies in the Neolithic period. The Chinese people were the one who used barks, plants and also the insects for dyeing the clothes. With the change in time, the method of dying of clothes has also changed. Nowadays, people prefer to follow the method in which the dye material is added to the container of water and thereafter the dyes are added to it. After this, the pot is heated and the continuously stirred, until the colour of dye is transferred to the fabric or the dying material. Usually, the natural dye needs a special kind of chemical to be used along with them. The chemically namely mordants are used for the purpose of dying the fabrics, i.e. to bind the dye to the textile fabrics.

The market for the natural dyes: -

In the earlier period, i.e. during the 19th century, as the synthetic dyes were introduced, the demand of natural dyes faced a sudden fall. But with the passage of time and rising awareness among people regarding health and environmental impact of the synthetic dyes, the natural dyes for fabrics regained their lost popularity. Now in the 21st century, most of the fashion houses all around the globe usually demand the natural dyes. Most of the western countries are demanding the dyes that are made naturally.

The exporters of natural dues play a vital role in making these coloring agents available across the globe. The exporters procure the stock from the reputed manufacturers, to deliver the authentic product at the cost-effective rates. Hence, it can be said that the natural dyes are one such product that has a never fading demand, especially for the type of texture and the colour it provides to the cloth.

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