Thing to know about Corrugation Machine – Its Types & Uses

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A corrugation machine features a large motorized reel stand with a two-ton reel capacity. The presence of flute rollers on its bearings enables this machine to deliver a smooth and reliable performance. This machine is needed for transforming paper into a two-ply corrugated roll in packaging or box manufacturing industries. 
These corrugation machines can be installed easily for flawless and consistent performance. However, there are different types of corrugation machines for distinct uses. Here are the most common types of corrugation machines: 

1. Oblique Type Corrugation Machine:
An Oblique Type Corrugation Machine manufacturer often designs this machine with a conventional large motorized reel with the capacity to lift up to two-ton of the reel at a time. This machine is used for converting paper into corrugated 2 ply roll. 
Construction and operation: An Oblique Type Corrugation Machine manufacturer, Amritsar, designs this machine with bearing mounted rollers. 
It contains one pre-heater, aside from three regular heaters, for de-moisturizing its liner. 
It comes equipped with a double shaft motorized reel stand and bull.
Single facer fingerless or finger type
Production design speed is about 40Mt/Min
S.S. Gum Tray
Self-loading hydraulic reel stand 
A.C. Motor with starter
Rewinding attachment and rewinding shafts
Variable speed attachment 
Control panel for operating heaters
Gearbox drive
Automatic pipeline and a lubrication pump

2. Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine:
This machine is integrated with electric heaters for ensuring accurate conversion of paper into two-ply corrugated sheets. This automatic machine is easy to operate and comes equipped with a reel stand that needs to be loaded manually. 
Bush mounted rollers construction type 
Equipped with electric heaters 
Contains variable speed motor for better quality 
Maximum output of the machine is about 50 ft/minute.
Sturdy construction
Advanced single facer 
Motorized reel stand
Hand wheels for manual loading
Pre-heater integrated for liner paper 
Integrated pre-conditioner for handling fluted media paper
A manually controlled gap between doctor roller and glue applicator roller 
Steam heated
Design speed is about 100 Mt/minute
Singer facer – fingerless type 

3. Double Profile Paper Corrugation Machine: This machine is designed and used for producing two-ply corrugated rolls or sheets at a high production rate. It is used in several industries.
Body -
* It boasts a new oblique type design but is quite compact and easy to operate. 
* It has both hydraulic and motorized twin reel shaft for self-loading.
* Three unwinding shafts are equipped for paper reels.
Rolls - 
* The flute rolls are minutely finished for perfection
* The flute rolls are made from alloy steel and integrated on heavy-duty roller bearings for longevity. 
No adjustment is needed after setting the flute rolls 
The moving parts are safeguarded
This machine is recommended for thermal fluid heating and steam heating 
An eddy current electric motor comes with the machine

Corrugation machines contain a huge motorized stand in the shape of a reel for various construction, packaging, and manufacturing projects or industries. Depending on the need and functionality different types of corrugation machines can be used.

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