Things to keep in mind before buying lab-grown diamond jewelry.

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Do Your Research

The first and foremost thing before you buy lab-grown diamond jewelry such as lab-made diamond pendants, lab-created diamond necklaces, or simulated diamond wedding sets is research. A big majority of lab-grown diamonds are available for purchase on the internet. Therefore, you must assure yourself that your purchases are happening only through reputable online jewelry shops.


To stay assured, you must find out if the lab-created diamond necklace or the lab-made diamond pendants that you want to purchase comes with grading from a reputed lab like the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), International Gemological Laboratory (IGL), or the Gemological Institute of America (GIL).


Learn The 4 C's

Whether you are buying an earth-mined diamond or a lab-created diamond, the 4 C's (clarity, color, cut, and carat weight) are of paramount importance. These virtues are how will find out if the quality of lab-grown diamonds is worth your hard-earned money.


Ethically Sourced

Lab-made diamonds are conflict-free and have no association with atrocities on the poor, exploitation labor, the funding of mafia wars, or the disruption of lifestyles. Moreover, you are always assured that you never end up buying a blood diamond when you purchase lab-made diamonds. These diamonds are ethically sourced and provide you with the peace of mind of that the diamonds worn by you or your loved ones are not tainted by blood.


Consider A Simulant

If lab-grown diamonds are out of your budget, you may try out simulants that are alternatives to lab-created diamonds. They carry the same beauty and appearance and available at a fraction of the cost as compared to their lab-grown counterparts.

Let us now have a close look at some interesting statistics about lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Statistics

Ø  The market of lab-grown diamond jewelry is estimated to be about $1.9 billion today. It is estimated to grow at a 22 percent annually to $5.3 billion by the end of 2023 and $14.9 billion by the end of 2025. This surge is believed to be driven by the evolving advancements in the segment of lab-created diamond production processes and technologies that should push down prices as production economics improve over a period of time.


Ø  The prices of lab-created, gem-quality diamonds have dropped by as much as 30 to 40 percent over the last two to three years. This has been possible primarily due to the fact that it costs $300 to $500 per carat today to produce a sparkling lab-grown diamond through the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process when compared with $4,000 per carat in 2008. These are also the reasons why the wholesale prices of lab-created diamonds have dropped threefold in recent times. The best thing for consumers is that prices of lab-grown ornaments like lab-made diamond pendants, simulated diamond wedding sets, and lab-created diamond necklaces are likely to decrease even further as new competitors enter the market, the segment commoditizes, and production efficiencies improve.


Ø  Lab-created diamonds are getting embraced by manufacturers in the segments of semiconductors, sensors, and medical cutting tools.


Ø  The market of lab-created diamonds is growing exponentially across the globe. Also known as culture or cultivated diamonds, Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in state-of-the-art laboratories using complex and seamless technological processes. Today, more and more people and institutions are embracing these eco-friendly diamonds.


Ø  A big majority of construction and mining industries in the Asia-Pacific region today are adopting advanced and cost-effective products for different applications that are fulfilled by the lab-created diamonds. It is believed by industry stalwarts that the revenue share in the market of the Asia-Pacific region is expected to maintain its prominent dominance over the next decade and beyond.

Growth Drivers For Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

The big surge in the electronics industry across the globe has emerged as the most viable and profitable opportunity for the market of lab-grown diamonds. This is primarily due to the fact that lab-created diamonds are of great importance in different industries on account of their excellent characteristics such as thermal, optical, electrical, and chemical. If that is not all, the physical property of rigidity experienced in lab-grown diamonds justifies their significance in different manufacturing and cutting industries.


In addition to these distinct advantages, the popularity of lab-created diamonds is enhanced by growth drivers such as the large-scale availability, similar appearance as mined diamonds, and the introduction of colored and cultivated diamonds. Rising environmental concerns and the cost-effectiveness of lab-created diamonds along with strict mining regulations in the context of extracting natural diamonds have given rise to the manufacturing of lab-grown diamonds.

Where To Buy Gem-Quality, Lab-Grown Diamonds?

If you are looking to buy the best lab-grown diamonds that are of gem-quality, the internet is the right place for you. However, you should avoid buying these precious diamonds from just anywhere. It is highly suggested that you should buy diamond jewelry only from a reputable online store like Evolv Jewelry. This online store for premium lab-created diamonds is the first and obvious choice of thousands and millions of diamond lovers from all parts of the world, especially when it comes to buying lab-made diamond pendants, diamond wedding sets, and lab-grown diamond necklaces.


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