Why Fiber Optic Network is High-Speed Internet Connection?

by Rizwan Khan Professional Interior Designer

In a Fiber Optic Network light burst travel huge distance with high internet speed with reduced signal interruptions as a result one can enjoy more rapid internet experience. While the scope of fiber connection is expanding it is becoming further effortless and reasonable for promoting technologies in business.  As a result, there are various options like the unlimited wireless internet, unlimited home Wi-Fi plans which offer affordable and unlimited internet access at great speed. The Fiber Optic Network distributes high-speed internet connection accompanied with advanced performance and reliability. Thus, fiber optic network facilitates communities to develop, municipals to progress efficiently, and business organizations to earn enhanced profits. Basically, Fiber Internet means internet connections through fiber-optic lines. The distinctive factor about fiber-optics is that they make use of minute strings of glass or plastic which is somewhat similar to a strand of hair, in order to transmit data using modulated light at great speed, whereas cable internet and DSL services carry electrical information with the help of copper lines. Thus the process of carrying data in fiber optics makes it the best choice for rapid speed and reliability.

Reasons why fiber internet is so fast

Basically, the internet speed depends on the capacity of the infrastructure. The conventional cable internet and DSL services traditionally used copper wires to just transmit voice only which limited the capacity of data to be transmitted. Whereas satellite data is also a not faster option because information has to travel huge distances as thus it has similar in speed as compared to cable internet and DSL except it has superior latency. In comparison, fiber optics carry binary transmission of modulated light rather than electricity which provides enhanced bandwidth power and capacity.  You get internet services at lightning speed which is 100 times faster when compared to traditional connections i.e. 1 gigabit/sec.

Advantages of fiber internet over cable or DSL

Fiber-optic lines are best suited for transporting information over long distances.

Long-distances also affect unconstructively light and electricity as well. The power of signal deteriorates with the amount of distance it has to travel and as a result, it affects signals and lowers the bandwidth. Signal strengths are maintained to a limit of 328 feet in copper cable connections whereas fiber optics can maintain better signal strengths up to 25 miles.

Radio or electrical interventions have no effect over fiber-optic lines.

Though copper is known as a good conductor of electricity it is not an enclosed structure. In other words radio or electromagnetic intervention affect negatively over copper cables. This result in reduced signal strengths, whereas in fiber-optics plastic and glass lines outside interventions have less effect, this provides a much more secure signal.

Fiber optic lines are resistant to damage.

The traditional systems like copper cables are not resistant to environmental damages over time, whereas fiber cables are extremely tiny in size in spite of that they are more resistant. Copper is a soft metal that can endure approximately 25 pounds of strain and fiber optics can take the pressure of around 100-200 pounds.

Fiber optics is ready to develop into the future of digital communication along with great efficiency, speed and reliability for transmitting data with smooth and swift high internet speed for downloading and uploading information.  Fiber internet is best for an excellent experience with video games and streaming videos. 

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