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In terms of getting the best quality air conditioning system for your home, the options you get would be overwhelming and too any to choose from. But if you are serious about saving electricity as well as money, the choice would be really simple, i.e. reverse cycle air conditioning system. 

But buying is not easy as you will have to consider lots and lots of things and in fact, to make sure that you use it at its best, it’s important to understand the mechanism behind it. 

Here in this post, we will go through several details that will help you understand this kind of AC system in a better manner and even help you use it to its maximum potential.

What Does ‘Reverse Cycle’ Mean?

According to the manufacturers, the term, "Reverse Cycle" means that the machine would work on the basis of pumping air from the outside towards inside. 

Based on this principle, you would be able to easily understand the functioning of reverse cycle air conditioning system as mentioned below.

In this system, the hot air from the outside is drawn over the cold liquid that is also given the name of refrigerant and this happens through a fan.

The refrigerant gets warmed by the hot air and as a result, it evaporates to create a high pressure and high temperature gas that flows into the compressor.

This way, the heat is escaped and the refrigerant cools and liquifies again and the gas is pumped through the heat exchanger situated in the outer part of the home.

How Does Reverse Cycle Work?

The first thing that deserves a mention here is that at very nominal reverse cycle air conditioning cost, you will get a machine that would deliver optimum performance and efficiency.  The difference between this and other systems is that instead of generating heat inside, the reverse cycle air conditioning system makes use of the heat from the outside. 

The refrigerant extracts heat from outside by an external coil. Through a compressor or ‘condenser’, this air is then pumped in a fan coil. 
Amidst this, some important things too are to be understood and one is that the running cost of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system depends on:

  • The Size And The Type Of Your System
  • Energy Efficiency Of Your System
  • The Duration You Are Operating The System For
  • Construction Of Your Home
  • Electricity Tariff You Are On

Important Things to Note About Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Units-

  • There is an option of both heating and cooling in this machine
  • The unit of the reverse cycle air conditioning tends to be cooler and thus, you can actually touch it
  • This is a safer option for families
  • Fewer risks with fire as there is no risk of any kind of exposed elements
  • With reverse cycle air conditioning unit, you can enjoy on the cost savings
  • The life of the conditioner is about 20 years on an average
  • This system also helps in dehumidifying the air and thus, it is ideal for those living in highly humid areas.

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