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Out of several very necessary things needed to survive in Australia, air conditioning systems hold a very high position in the list. The weather and climate of this country make it impossible for anyone to live without this machine and this fact has contributed a lot to its overall popularity. 

You will find different kinds of AC systems in the markets and here in this post, we will discuss two very popular names, i.e., the evaporative AC system and reverse cycle air conditioning system. 

We will basically review the points that differentiate them and then, their pros and cons and lastly try and adjudge which one would suit your requirements.

The Main Differences -  

According to the vendors, there are several points that make these two AC types, a class apart from each other. 

In the reverse cycle air conditioning, the conditioned air is kept in the cycle and this means that the same air is taken back by the system and sent back to the interiors after conditioning it further. 

In terms of evaporative AC systems, the case is entirely different and the unit takes the air from outside, cools it down and then, delivers it inside the interiors.

Pros of Evaporative Air Conditioning -

  • Cheaper To Install
  • Reasonable Running Costs
  • Easy To Maintain

Cons of Evaporative Air Conditioning-

  • Doesn’t Perform At Its Best In Humidity Or Rainy Days
  • Limited Temperature Control
  • Possible Water Leakage Risk

Pros Of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning -

  • Works In All Weather Conditions, Including Humid Climates
  • Can Heat As Well As Cool Your Area
  • Effective Air Filtration Systems
  • Provide More Comfort And Features Than Evaporative Units

Cons Of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning -

  • Higher Running And Installation Costs
  • Doors And Windows Need To Be Kept Closed For Maximum Cooling

Choosing between Reverse Cycle and Evaporative Air Conditioning - 

When it comes to the selection of one of them, a number of points are to be considered and one is certainly evaporative AC and reverse cycle air conditioning cost. Apart from this, some other points are there that we have discussed below.

The Size Of The Area -

  • A very important thing that needs consideration is the size of the area, where you want the unit to cool or heat.
  • This is considered as a crucial point because evaporative air conditioning units attempting to cool large areas may not be that effective and efficient.

The Climate -

  • Believe it or not the kind of climate persisting in your region will be a big decisive factor in terms of evaporative and reverse cycle air conditioning Glenmore Park.
  • The reason cited by the experts as well as vendors is that the level of humidity experienced by the region can affect the cooling capabilities of the unit.

Your Budget-

  • As mentioned in the beginning, the cost of both kinds of units as well as the budget you have will also play a huge role in the decision making. 
  • The overall purchase and installation cost of ducted or evaporative AC system can be much inside your budget as compared to reverse cycle air conditioning cost.
  • At the same time, the evaporative AC is much more efficient to run, but the benefit of reverse cycle units is that they can be used for cooling as heating during winters.

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