The Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer

Video content has started grabbing the internet. With more interacting and engaging content, video marketing campaigns have emerged with new ways to interact with a brand. The rise in smartphone users and diversity in content creation with virtual reality shopping apps and videos have become an essential marketing tool with constant consumer habits.

Marketers are investing more in video marketing as the internet is supposed to account for 80% of online videos in the near future. For new players entering the marketing field, there are some dos and don'ts while going for a successful campaign:

Do-1 Educate, Entertain, and Engage

A video is the first point of contact for your audience, and the first impression is most important. Video marketing Adelaide prepares video with honest and transparent communications describing a brand's authentication with more engaging tones for the viewers. Educational videos with a short introduction to your products or services will engage your clients for more time.

Do-2 Use a professional service

Quality content will reflect your brand value and will depict how trustworthy it is. An experienced, skilled professional will capture a professional video with more exciting footage. Remember that a low-quality video will not be handy and may risk in discouraging your target audience.

Do-3 Go for short duration videos

A video ad should be precise and short, with no longer than 30 seconds span. Most people skip ads just after looking at it for 2-5 seconds, which is a concise time to grab attention. People do not like long explanations of a brand and have shorter attention spans. So, prepare short videos to get to the point as quickly as possible to get the most desired results.

Do-4 Use a Good Thumbnail

Especially on YouTube videos, a good thumbnail is the first thing a user will see before further scrolling. A video ad is more time-consuming, and there is very little time to capture people's attention. Optimizing a thumbnail is an excellent idea to attract viewers who have deactivated the auto-play video option.

Do-5 Use your brand throughout the video

Branding is most crucial in a video marketing campaign. A viewer tends to forget the brand name at the end of a video. Video marketing in Adelaide mentions your brand name at the start and includes the branding elements like logos, fonts, etc., all through the video. This overall exercise will make your ad visually appealing and recognizable as a brand.

Don't's-1 Do not be Irrelevant

A video ad may be more relevant to some clients when compared to others. A video ad is needed to be tailored according to the audiences' requirements to make the desired impact. Video marketing specialists in Adelaide are trained to be the most skilled craftsmen to provide relevant videos.

Don't's-2 Restricting videos to only one platform

It is the history when one could copy and paste one video to all social media platforms. Cross-platform strategies are essential for video syndication. A tailor-made video for each forum has a higher chance of audience engagement and will produce better marketing results.

Don't's-3 Do not rely on the quality of sound

More than 85% of videos are reported to be watched without sound. Instructional videos with captions are a better choice without any sound. Although some platforms may require some buzz, most don't rely on any sound for the videos posted.

Don't's-4 Do not make too informative videos

A video with too much information may lead to confusion in the audience's mind. The content of the videos must cover the most critical points about your services and business. A lengthy marketing video is a strict 'no' while a successful marketing campaign.

Don't's-5 Do not forget video sizes

While a video marketing campaign, one thing not to ignore is the size of a video. One size does not fit all the marketing platforms. A video can be vertical or horizontal, square or rectangular, and with different aspect ratios.

Facebook and Instagram ads have to be vertical seen, whereas video ads for other social feeds may require horizontal streaming. So, while creating a marketing video the viewer's experience has to be kept in mind for fulfilling your goals.


Video marketing is smart to reach out to your audience and help create a bond between your brand and a viewer. Keeping in mind dos and don'ts will make your company stand out from the crowd and ensure a better return on investments. Videos help in creating brand awareness, and when there are lead conversions, that's a bonus.

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