10 Reasons Why Competition is Good for Your Job & Health

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer
There’s something to be said for having work that’s so familiar you can do it with your eyes closed and with your hands tied behind your back. That level of familiarity often means that you’re also wonderfully efficient at what you do. If the same thing applies to many of the drivers on your team, though, it might be time for a change. 
If they’ve been doing the same work for years, it can get boring. And boredom is the enemy of creativity. One way to shake things up and get them interested in their jobs again is to go for a bit of competition. That’s where employee fitness programs come in. 

Competition is Good 
With fitness programs, your employees can work towards a common goal, one beyond meeting daily quotas and deadlines. Working together can stir excitement and allow your drivers to have fun. 

Learning Experience 
One of the best things about wellness competition at work is that it teaches employees about themselves. If losing turns them negative, they can learn to change that for the better.  

Collaboration is Key 
Competition also helps foster collaboration among your employees. To effectively compete, your employees must work together in teams. That will help them bond with each other and make it easier for them to work together. 

Improve Engagement 
Boredom is the inevitable result of doing the same thing for years. Competition brought on by wellness programs can eliminate that boredom. It can improve engagement levels at work, giving you motivated and happy employees. 

Increase Happiness
If your employees are bored, they might resort to applying the minimal amount of effort at work. That could account for their low satisfaction levels. Competition can improve their engagement and satisfaction, though, which leads to increased employee happiness. 

Build Connections
Competitions at work help build connections. As your drivers get to know each other and work together to achieve common goals, they bond. They become friendly with each other and that also helps improve employee dynamics at work. 

Participation in employee wellness programs also helps build teamwork. The next time you need someone to cover someone else’s shift, or the next time you need your drivers to work together, that foundation of teamwork will make everything better. 

Improve Health 
Long hours on the road can mean compromised blood circulation. Allowing your drivers to participate in wellness programs, though, help them improve their health. Get your drivers to stay healthy with wellness programs.

Reduce Friction 
Giving your employees programs where they can interact and work together foster friendships and stronger relationships at work. These cut down or even eliminate any issues or potential friction. 

Stay Connected
Driving for long stretches of time means spending an awesome number of hours on the road. That takes a toll on the driver as it can create an isolating effect. By encouraging your drivers to participate in wellness programs, they get to stay connected with other people on the team. That builds connections and those connections enrich their lives and make them healthier and happier. 

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