Why Silicone Bongs and Pipes are Awesome?

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer
In a bid to make the best smoking devices, a lot of materials have been used. For a long time, glass has been the go-to option until a few years ago when silicone came to play.

Despite the rumors, silicone has been tested and certified as safe for human use by numerous entities. It is chemically inert and won’t interact with the water and smoke inside the pipe to alter the flavor or the properties.

The biggest advantage of silicone pipes have over their glass counterparts is durability. An average CBD user breaks at least two glass pipes per year, and even if that doesn’t happen, glass tends to deteriorate with usage. Silicone pipes and bongs are heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it’s nearly impossible to destroy or degrade it.

Aside from being unbreakable and safe to smoke out of, here are some more reasons why silicone pipes and bongs are awesome.

1.    They are flexible
Say you want to pack your bong to a music festival in Jamaica, camping trip, or a boy’s night out. Silicone will come in handy because you can comfortably stash it inside your luggage. The material is flexible, so you can fold some parts and unbreakable, meaning it won’t shatter or crack like glass. 

2.    Easy to clean
There is no arguing that glass is easy to clean as well, but silicone is much easier. Since it does not stick to substrates, you don’t need to brush off sticky stuff and soak it in salt and metho spirit. A simple rinse in warm water or silicone cleaner will suffice. Better yet, you can throw it in the dishwasher for a quick cleanse, and you never have to worry about accidental breakage when cleaning.

3.    It’s more affordable
As far as taste and smoothness are concerned, nothing beats a good old glass bong. However, glass can be expensive, especially if you want a good quality pipe with thick glass. Silicone pipes are incredibly cheap, even the high-end ones made from top quality silicone material. This means you can still afford to buy a backup pipe for those trips and only use the glass one at home.

4.    It’s non-stick
It’s no secret that quality CBD products are not cheap. The last thing you want is to waste good rosin or wax because it’s stuck on the side of the pipe. Silicone does not stick to substrates, so you can easily scoop out every last drop of your concentrate.

5.    Silicone bongs are lightweight
Unlike glass and ceramic, the rubbery material means that silicone products are light on the hand. This is important because many weed users have a medical reason for smoking marijuana. For someone with a physical ailment, lifting a heavy bong is not always ideal.

Aesthetically, the glass will always be more appealing if you are a fancy smoker. Silicone bongs also rarely come with percolators and filtration systems. That said, high-quality silicone pipes are hands down the best choice for sick people, traveling, or just need easy maintenance. 

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