Keep Your RV Safe and Secure on The Road - Top 5 Tips

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer
Going on the road is a huge adventure. You’ll need to be prepared for anything, though. Plans might change at the last minute. You’ll encounter problems. And you might even be robbed. What you can do to get ready if you’re set on having a road-trip or the adventure of a lifetime is to beef up the security of your RV. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your camper safe while you’re on the road.

Given the Covid-19 situation, though, that trip might not happen today. It might not happen right away. But when it does, you’d have read these tips and you’ll know how to get your rig ready in no time.

Research About the Campgrounds

Where will you park the RV? You’ll need to sleep at night and that often means having no one left to man the wheel or watch over the RV. Even if you’re traveling with friends, you’ll want everybody to have a good night’s sleep. Make that possible by choosing safe campgrounds. Are there a lot of negative reviews, though? While a bad comment or two should be nothing, if there are too many complaints, check your other options.

Choose Your Parking Spot

Go for the safe side of things. Meaning, when you park, pick well-lighted areas. If there are too many dark spaces, then thieves have plenty of covers where they can do their work and make away with your camper. Don’t give them that chance.

Keep Your RV Safe from Theft

You can lock your RV in place with a wheel or tongue wheel. That should deter most thieves from turning your ride into a getaway rig. You could also cover the wheels, which will keep them from working. However, some thieves might carry tools that could cut through the wheel clamp, so that’s another factor you’ll want to consider.

Close the Blinds 

Never leave your blinds open. Even if the windows are locked, giving thieves and other criminal elements a view of the inside of your rig isn’t ideal. You might think there’s nothing of value in there, but a thief might want to take off with some of your gadgets, appliances, and more. Don’t give them any clues as to what your rig has inside. The less they know about what you have in your camper, the less invested they will be in targeting your RV. That also means you should tidy up. Just in case you leave the windows open, make sure you’ve tidied up your RV, so others don't get to see any of the expensive items or gadgets inside.

Change Your Locks

Replace your RV door locks. This is more than an aesthetic issue. RV campers come with a standard lock, so anyone who has keys to an old one can easily gain access to yours. If you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone turning a key in your lock, start shopping for locks and upgrade yours as soon as you can. 

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