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Because there are so many kinds of jewellery available, each with different symbolism and purpose, you are purchasing Masonic jewellery can be particularly challenging. If you want to buy a piece of jewellery for a loved one who believes in and participates in Freemasonry but are not a member of any Masonic body and are unfamiliar with the practises, this may be even more challenging. The several kinds of masonic jewellery and when to wear them are listed below.



1.    Masonic aprons

One of the most unique, fascinating, and curious things in the history of the Fraternity is the use of Masonic aprons. Members of the working stonemason guilds wore massive animal skin aprons in mediaeval times. They were giving them the most excellent protection possible. They used the sharp rock shards as potential tools.


Aprons started to get less well-endowed. As a result, more speculative Masons than operative Masons began to frequent the Lodges. The flap for expanded protection that was previously postponed by a button or thong wrapped around the neck. Or that was knotted around the waist, purposefully collapsed, and decorated loosely.




2.    Masonic Ring 

The Masonic ring is one of the most popular items of Masonic jewellery. Although it is not required, many Masons wear this ring to signify their relationship with their fellow Masons and mark their achievement at the Master Mason level.


The best way to wear a Mason ring is one of customers' most often asked queries. The emblem has two compass legs, and many people are unsure whether the compass should point toward or away from the bearer, which is confusing. The ring is a present to the wearer. Thus it should be put on so that the symbol reads correctly to them when they gaze at it with the compass's legs pointing in their direction.




3.    Jewellery

The older items of Masonic jewellery can have fairly exquisite and intricate craftsmanship, making them a superb choice for a Mason. Additionally, by donning a ring or pin that once belonged to a former Master or Worshipful Master, ancient Masonic jewellery might provide you or a member of your family with a connection to the Freemasons' lengthy and fascinating history.




When to wear masonic regalia?

It's time to get to the point and buy masonic regalia if you were asked to join the brotherhood but aren't a member. You should probably stock up on them now since you must wear regalia when you attend lodge meetings and other significant events. You can decide to save wearing your regalia for special occasions, or you can do like your brothers do and wear them daily. After all, when you are a member of such a group, you can't help but be proud of your affiliation and flaunt it by donning masonic attire.




Where to buy Masonic regalia?

Get in touch with Online Masonic Regalia immediately to learn about their selection of Masonic jewellery or to inquire about having a unique piece created for you or a loved one. Mason rings are acceptable for anyone who has attained the level of Master Mason, and Past Master pins are a terrific method to demonstrate that someone has previously held the position of highest-ranking Mason in their lodge. The best silver rings, men's Masonic rings, and other Masonic regalia are available at Online Masonic Regalia.

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