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The Freemasons create a ceremonial atmosphere by dressing in various fashions and using multiple decorations. There are two types of Masonic regalia: those that belong to an individual and those that belong to a lodge. The personally-owned regalia consists of gloves, breast stones, hats, shirts, aprons, rings, and other accessories.


Each Mason Regalia serves a specific function of identifying each member's role within the organisation based on the level of initiation. Members of the Brotherhood use their masonic regalia as a unifying thread for the traditions they uphold today. They are popular even though they are too flashy to wear daily. We'll briefly discuss the various colours of Masonic gloves in this blog.



Importance of Masonic regalia

According to the level of initiation, each Mason Regalia plays a distinct role in identifying the components of each member within the organisation. These make achieving their brotherhood's goal easier and remind them of what their fraternity stands for.


Since the first Freemason meetings, some items have served as clothing. Those who are a part of the elite group take great pride in their attire and accessories. They create Masonic regalia to express their sense of fashion and a statement of their fraternity membership. Wearing Masonic regalia is, therefore, a source of pride for Freemasons, regardless of the occasion or event. Along with various Masonic regalia, there are multiple colours of Masonic gloves.


Why we wear white gloves has been hotly contested, which is an intriguing aspect of Freemasonry's masonic regalia. One widely held misconception is that Freemasons wear white gloves to meetings to represent equality within the organisation. White gloves made every Freemason's hand appear clean, making it impossible for other Freemasons to make assumptions about their employment. As you can see from the website, we place a lot of importance on equality within Freemasonry.




Blue has a special meaning in the fraternity because Freemasons start their journey in a symbolic lodge called the "Blue Lodge." The Blue Lodge is where the first three degrees of Masonry are awarded. In that scenario, blue represents something noteworthy, sacred, wise, or perfect. As a result, Freemasons generally held this colour in high regard.


Sometimes the hue of a colour can affect what it means to be blue. Blues with a lighter shade are frequently linked to virtue. Although it has a similar meaning, royal blue can also mean prestige. Blue occasionally has the connotation of being sacred because it was a colour worn by priests and other religious authorities frequently.




Want to buy Masonic gloves?

Therefore, if you intend to purchase custom Masonic gloves in the UK, do so from Masonic Collection. Every brother who is happy to be a part of a fraternity loves to show off his purity with the perfect adornment. They are aware of and mindful of the Freemason community's traditions. The Masonic Collection ensures the ideal custom-made gloves are created and manufactured to follow those traditions.

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