What you Need to Know Before Buying Masonic Jewelry?

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Unquestionably, Freemasonry is a secret society that is popular throughout the world. The members of this organization are Freemasons who are descendants of the Knights Templar and protects the Holy Grail to this day. All the Freemasons require wearing Masonic Jewelry UK that indicates they are a member of a club, organization and men brotherhood.

Masonic Jewelry of Men

The cornerstone of all Masonic jewelry is ringing as it is not only a symbol but also acts as a seal for correspondence. This means that at the time of sending important letters and documents, the members dipped their ring in hot wax and pressed it on the paper so that it can seal. It is true that the role of symbols is great in Masonic tradition and there are various marks that can be easily displayed on the ring. However, the symbols indicate the member level or degree and the specific lodge from which they belong, but there are some symbols that are universal to the organization.

Well, the most common and known symbols are the compass and square, which indicates the Blue Lodge. Actually, it is a core of Freemasonry and all other lodges are bounded with this. In the center of these two symbols, letter G exists that represents geometry as the Freemasons previously were builders and always looked to the science for getting answers.

Some other symbols that are found on the men’s Masonic jewelry are

  • Trowel: Represents the solid relationships and even life
  • Sun: Shows that the member is a past master of the Lodge
  • Scimitar or Fez: Entitles the order of Shrine

These are common symbols, but there exist other symbols that are generally used when designing Masonic jewelry of silver or gold.

Who Can Wear This Jewel?

Anyone can wear this jewelry and no one will get arrested for it. But in reality, a person should be a member of a Lodge. As per the tradition, that particular person should achieve the 3rd degree or a level of Master Mason before wearing the Masonic jewelry. However, a non-member can wear a piece of jewelry in case if he acquired the antique jewelry from his family. Obviously, the lodge membership is also a family tradition.

There is no other stone in the way of wearing Masonic Jewelry. Some men wear the rings to show it to the emblem while other wears to show to other people. Usually, married men wear it on their right hand and unmarried men chose either hand to wear. 

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